5 Reasons To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

There’s certainly no shortage of vibe-raising memes and motivational images popping up in social media feeds, most likely leaving you wondering what the deal is raising my vibration and why it’s so important?

While there are a million reasons to make the effort to raise your frequency, we’ve whittled it down to five major incentives.

Physical Wellness

Although vibrational frequency is often considered to be a matter of spirit, it’s very much a physical matter, too. Physically, our bodies respond to higher vibrations in positive ways. For one, with increased blood flow and deeper breathing, stress melts away. Raising your vibe can also improve blood pressure and a number of other body functions, such as circulation, nervous system activity, digestion, sleep quality, and more.

The best part is that feeling well on a physical level actually helps us reach and maintain a higher vibrational frequency. When all organs and systems of the body vibrate at their optimal levels, we enjoy overall health and longevity that is catalyzed within the body but expands into all areas of our lives.

Attract More Positive Experiences

Did you know that when you feel positive, you’re more easily able to attract even more positive experiences into your life? This is the basic foundation of the Law of Attraction – what you put out there comes back to you like a magnet (good or bad). Choosing positive thoughts, actions, and words helps us align with the good things in life.

While it’s a fact that many of us have a difficult time staying positive 24/7, it’s within our potential to make an effort to immerse ourselves in positive situations and experiences (whether we “feel like it” or not). For instance, have you ever been down in the dumps, but were talked into going out and having fun regardless? You lived it up and felt your fears and worries dissolve as you lived in the moment? This works in the same way. Set an intention to be high vibe and fake it ‘til you make it if you have to. Always remember that “what you are seeking is seeking you,” and trust that positive experiences are just around the bend.

Align with Positive People

It’s important to take the time to observe the kinds of people we surround ourselves with. Quite often, who we keep as friends informs us a lot about what we’re energetically putting out there.

In essence, people flock together based on the fact that like attracts like. If you tend to be sad or depressed, you may find that those around you are in a similar boat. On the flip side, once you raise your vibrational frequency, you’ll begin to notice that you attract happier, more successful, more positive people. This is no coincidence! Make an effort to raise your vibe and watch your social life shift toward the better.

Access Greater Intuition

Intuition dwells within the third eye – the hub of the “sixth sense.” This is one of the seven major energy centers in the body that directly contributes to and maintains our vibrational frequency. When the lower energy centers, aka chakras, are well taken care of and operating smoothly, we enjoy better receptivity in the upper energy centers; namely, the third eye.

When our intuition is strengthened, we can tap into deeper knowledge about ourselves and others. We can also take in unseen information about the world around us. When we’re running on a low vibration, our intuition can get cloudy, confusing the mind and sometimes over stimulating the senses. Raising your vibe ensures a steady flow to the energetic body, that enlivens the five senses and awakens the sixth sense. Learning how to raise your vibrational frequency for ascension and open up your connection with spirit creates the ability to manifest at a faster pace.

Connecting with Spirit

The material world typically vibrates at a slower rate in comparison to the intangible spiritual realms. Therefore, we must rise to the occasion to connect with spirit. Remember that most of what we see with the physical eyes is more space than it is form. We are constantly engaging with the hidden realm whether we’re aware of its presence or not.

Raising your vibrational frequency and connecting with source can be done through meditation, delving into esoteric practices, or simply taking the time to pause and set an intention.

Through mindfulness and practice, raising your personal vibrational frequency can become second nature! After all, it’s our inherent desire to reach our full vibrational potential. We must simply be aware of how frequency works, what we’re putting out into the universe, and what we wish to receive in return.

There are many benefits to raising your vibration. It allows you to attract new things and people into your life without force or much effort.  Understanding energy frequency and how it works is an invaluable tool to manifest the life you want.


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