Are You Living According to the 12 Universal Laws?

If you feel unable to move forward in a specific area of your life, it is probably because you are working against the flow of the universe’s fundamental laws.

In order to move forward, the first thing you need to identify is which of the universal laws you are specifically working against.

When you adjust yourself to work with the universal laws, you will reach optimum levels of alignment. Let’s take a closer look at the 12 Universal Laws book and each law in detail.

A Look Into The 12 Universal Laws


The Law of Divine Oneness

While there may appear to be a physical barrier between things, such as yourself and others, we are in fact all part of divine oneness.

This means that everything we do has an effect on others as well as the environment and wider universe that envelops us. When you are aware of this fact and act in accordance with this fact, you begin to treat every facet of the divine oneness as you would treat yourself.

This realization has a huge impact on individual behavior, as it is impossible to separate our actions from the collective.

The Law of Vibration

As we are all part of divine oneness, we are connected through the mechanism of vibration. Every single thing in the universe resonates at a certain frequency and every single thing resonates together.

This vibration extends to our actions, thoughts, and feelings. As vibrational beings, our resonance attracts similar frequencies. This means, if you have a negative outlook, you will attract those with a negative outlook. It’s the reason for the old saying that ‘like attracts like’.

When you actively choose positivity, you will attract more positivity into your life through your vibrational tones.

The Law of Action

Humans have been told for centuries that nothing ever comes to those who are idle. The Law of Action confirms this when it says that action must be taken in order to receive abundance.

Action can be in the form of dreams, emotions, words, meditations, discussions, decisions, or physical movements. If you don’t take actions that are aligned with your intended results, then the results will not come to fruition.

If you fail to do anything at all, you will receive exactly what you have set your mind towards receiving – absolutely nothing!

The Law of Correspondence

Haven’t you noticed how some people simply shine both on the inside and the outside? The Law of Correspondence states that the way someone or something appears on the outside is a direct reflection of their inner state.

If you are unhappy with the way you appear in the world, consider whether your inner wellbeing, relationships, attitude, mood, spirituality, choices, habits, position, wealth, or health could be to blame. When your inner is aligned with your outer, you will begin to transform your soul frequency in a positive way.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Just as our inner state corresponds outwards, our actions also come back to us. The Law of Cause and Effect states that nothing happens by chance.

When you set out on your day with a negative mood, when you utter negative words, when you actively try to do harm to another, the Law will see to it that those actions rebound on you.

Conversely, when you actively choose only positive deeds, acts, and thoughts, those acts will come back to you directly, increasing your abundance. The reason for this is simple; the law works to establish balance in the universe.

The Law of Compensation

The Law of Cause and Effect does not just come back to us in thoughts and deeds. Rather, we see the result of our actions in the form of physical abundance.

This abundance can consist of a variety of things, such as monetary gifts, donations, gifts, new relationships, meetings with key people, inheritances, and blessings from loved ones or influential figures.

When we align ourselves with the positive flow of abundance in the universe, we are rewarded materially, which we can then use to continue the flow of good in the world – which we should do if we wish to receive more good in the future!

The Law of Attraction

Everyone has heard of the most famous law, The Law of Attraction. This law states that we attract everything we experience in our lives.

If you want your life to be more abundant, ask the universe through your energy for more abundance. If you focus on the negative, such as the loss of money, then you will only attract more money loss.

This law reminds us that we must be very careful when it comes to our patterns of thought and is a reminder to keep it positive, always!

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Everyone has the power to change their experience of life through the practice of vibration realignment. This means that everyone and everything is in a constant state of change.

By aligning yourself with this flow of energetic change, you will reach new heights of satisfaction in life. If you try to work against the flow of change, you will get nowhere.

When you are out of alignment on one or more universal laws, it is typical to experience negative patterns that re-emerge continuously, feelings of being stuck or unable to move forward easily, and being fearful of the future.

Through intuitive guidance, you can find out what universal law is out of alignment and how this is impacting your life and how to correct this in your life.

The Law of Relativity

Throughout the course of our life journey, we all receive our own set of issues that serve to make us grow and develop in various ways. We can compare our issues to those of another, which allows putting our situation into perspective.

When we feel we are in the worst possible crisis, the Law of Relativity shows us that there is always someone who is worse off than us. Through this comparative process, opposites are established.

Like yin and yang, opposites exist in order to give meaning. Isn’t it true that we wouldn’t know abundance without the experience of poverty and we wouldn’t know love without the experience of hate?

The Law of Polarity

Similar to the Law of Relativity, the Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. This enables us to direct our energy towards the more positive end of the spectrum, for example – abundance on the wealth spectrum, and love on the feelings spectrum.

While it is not nice to witness the darker ends of the spectrum, it does provide balance in the universe in terms of energetic flow. As part of the divine oneness, you can choose which polarity you align with – which choice are you making now?

The Law of Rhythm

As we know, the universe marches to its own unique rhythm. Every single thing on the planet has a beat, which forms the basis of the sun’s rise, seasons, tides, cycles, patterns, and steps in the development of every life form.

Each rhythm is regular which tells you that in order to benefit from this, you should align yourself to the rhythm of the universe. As one of many examples, have you considered the health benefits of rising with the sun, as your ancestors did for thousands of years?

Rhythms can fluctuate, which is entirely normal. Allow yourself to adjust along with the flow of the rhythm instead of resisting. You will feel more in alignment and at ease if you do.

The Law of Gender

The final law in the 12 Laws of the Universe tells us that like everything has an opposite, everything has a gender. This means that all things present themselves either consciously or unconsciously as masculine or feminine.

This law is expressed throughout the animal kingdom, where all aspects of nature are determined male or female in order for life to exist and continue. In order to be in optimum flow with this law, you need to ensure you align with one or the other genders, as you see fit.

If you feel you are the wrong gender, trying to be something you are not. It is not working with the Law of Gender, it is actually working against it. When you appear honestly in the world and work in line with the universe’s rule, an abundant existence will feel effortless.


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