Intuitive Frequency Session

Talk to Shanna Lee in person and get answers on a variety of questions all at once. For example, you may ask about health, relationships, career, personal and business partnerships, your future and more!

Have Shanna by your side as she guides you personally through the important life moments where you most need direction. Or use these calls to delve deeply into one specific issue, such as important upcoming events, personal and business partnerships, what life choices will be most beneficial, and future forecasts.

Holistic Nutrition Session

Get expert guidance from Shanna Lee for nutrition, weight loss, increasing energy, reducing inflammation and safe cleansing protocols.

Have Shanna guide you on what to eat for your body, how to organize your schedule to include healthy choices, and receive targeted supplementation protocols that increase energy and raise metabolism.

Or use these calls to get your specific questions answered and receive personalized intuitive guidance about your body.

Clearing Energy Blocks Session

Prepare to breakthrough fear, lack and limitation as Shanna guides you through a process to clear the unconscious energy blocks that hold you back from experiencing more love, success, clarity and abundance.  

As your personal intuitive guide, Shanna will help you experience new levels of freedom by disconnecting you from old stagnant energy and helping you to move forward powerfully in your life.

Ask Shanna specific questions on any topic of your choice and any area where you feel stuck and want to finally feel free….