9 Signs You Are Being Guided towards a Soulful Life

Have you ever felt like something important was missing but you didn’t know what?

Have you felt like you were being gently nudged by the universe towards something different? Regardless of the sensation, it might be a clear sign that you are destined for another life path. Here are 9 signs that indicate you are being guided into a soulful life.

1. The career you used to enjoy is now less than fulfilling.

Is the job you once loved failing to get you motivated and out of bed in the morning? Have you suddenly felt as though the meaning in your job is missing?

Everyone goes through difficult periods in their career, but long-term periods of less than fulfilling work could signify that the current path you are on is not intended for you.

2. Your key relationships have changed dramatically.

While it is natural for our relationships to evolve slowly over time, it can also be the case that we suddenly view our relationships with fresh new eyes.

If your relationship that used to center around senseless arguments, cocktails, and a superficial connection is now not so interesting or entertaining, it could be a sign that you are craving a more meaningful, soulful life connection.

3. How you consume and what you consume has become an issue.

Habits and choices make or break us. This is certainly the case for how we eat and drink. What we choose to consume has a direct impact on our quality of health, and quality of life. It says something about our life journey as a whole.

If your heavy indulgence in eating, snacking, smoking, or drinking is becoming a glaring issue for you, perhaps your body is giving you a sign that a better path is available to take for a soulful life.

4. You want to take positive control of your own power.

A key sign of being guided into a more soulful life is finding yourself wishing you could say “no” to people that suck the energy and life out of you. When you stand up and say no with confidence, you open up a new experience where you only engage with what truly matches your direction in life.

5. You’ve become much more curious about alternative possibilities.

Many people begin the path onto a more soulful life journey guided by their curiosity about other realities of life that they may not have touched on in their traditional life.

Maybe you’ve developed a fascination with things such as crystals, aromatherapy, or ancient healing techniques. You find yourself reading books about consciousness, creativity, and living a fulfilled life. Those are clear signs you are being nudged towards a more soulful life experience.

6. New positive energies are coming into your life.

The discovery of new like-minded individuals is a positive sign that your life is slowly aligning with a more soulful life experience. You find yourself dreaming about having new positive friends who inspire, support, and “get” you. You find yourself forming connections with new friends or colleagues who you describe as having a great “vibe.”

7. You find yourself more open in every aspect of your life.

You are becoming interested in new subjects, new people, and experiencing yourself as being more open-minded than ever before. If this is happening to you, ensure that you trust the sensation, embrace the guidance, and follow the leads your intuition lays before you.

This is an important step on your journey towards a more soulful life, as you discover what truly resonates with you.

8. You’ve experienced significant trauma or shock.

An experience recently rattled you to your core, such as a death in the family, a break-up, being fired, or the loss of a friendship. It could be an indication that in your future a more soulful life awaits you.

Traumatic, shocking events force us to reevaluate our life purpose, meaning, and direction. Often at a later date, they can be pinpointed as the time we were forced to make a radical change. If you’re going through difficulty, trust that it might be a step on the path to a better future.

9. You desire an authentic connection with nature.

You might be desiring to connect with nature if you’ve spent most of your working life cramped up in an office, or you’ve simply been in an environment that has stifled you. This is a common experience for people starting the journey towards a more authentic life.

Whether you are seeking a feeling of freedom from the hustle and bustle of life —the desire to be amongst the trees, maybe, to sit on a hilltop, or even travel the country in an RV- give in to that craving. Enjoy the experience in the moment, and discover what it is waiting to tell you.

A more soulful life provides you with a more meaningful existence that truly aligns with your purpose here on this planet. Regardless of the ‘symptoms’ you may be experiencing, you can trust that this guidance is authentic and coming from your true self – your inner voice whose voice you’ve stifled for far too long. What have you discovered about yourself so far on your journey towards a more soulful life?


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