10 Things That Will Lower Your Frequency

The choices we make have a big impact on the current level of our frequency.

If you are looking to increase your energetic frequency, then the first thing you need to do is avoid all choices of things that lower your frequency.

Let’s look at the 10 things that will lower your frequency. Learning about them will help you determine where you need to make a change.

10 Frequency Lowering Choices

Junk food and processed food

Junk food and processed food are the first things to remove from your life if you are looking to improve your frequency. Nutrient deficient foods provide nothing, but they do slow you down and put an increasing strain on your organs. To improve your frequency, ensure you choose nutrient-dense natural foods that contribute to your health and wellbeing.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are usually related to ‘ifs’ which normally belong in the future. This negative flow of energy will draw down your frequency in the present. To build your frequency back up, focus on the now. When you are in alignment, you will find that nothing will worry you – you have the universe on your side.


In addition to junk food, there are various products, environments, cosmetics, cleaners, and sources of pollution which are all things that lower your frequency. These cause the body to fall into a state of illness, which is a state impossible to obtain a higher frequency. If you wish to improve your frequency, you have to eliminate these toxins from your life before you can take the next step towards frequency raising.

Living in the past

We cannot change what has happened in the past. It makes no sense to ruminate over and over, which is essentially the waste of energy in a different time. This redundant energy flow will make you feel energetically low in the present and cause symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Consistent exposure to electronics

Electronic devices are powerful sources of energy. Cell phones, computers, and TVs are not designed to be in close range of the human body for long periods of time. Interference with your energy can cause your energy to drain down, not to mention the actual content they provide, which can be energy-sucking and completely negative at the best of times.

Holding onto anger guilt resentment

Anger, guilt, and resentment are poisonous emotions that only hurt us. When you hold onto negative feelings, you project them out into the world, meaning the only person they are going to come back and harm is yourself. Instead of holding onto these feelings, try to release them to create a high vibration relationship. When you project more positive feelings, you’ll feel better and receive more in return.

It is important to clear stress, anxiety, anger, guilt or resentment. Clearing this energy makes it possible to move forward and use your energy to create a positive and fulfilling future instead of repeating old patterns.

Negative Self Talk

Negative self-talk has a way of lowering your energy. You are essentially projecting negative intentions with your thoughts, which the universe will deliver back to you in spades. When that little voice pops up, why not challenge it with something you do well, something you did well today, or shut it down entirely. You are good enough as you are.

Gossiping about, criticizing, or judging others

When we focus on speaking about others in a negative way, we are again projecting negative things in the universe which will surely come back to bite us. This drags down our energy, as we are starting a chain of the negative flow of energy which will only serve to reduce ours.

Choose quality friends who discuss ideas, philosophies, stay active, remain positive, or share your outlook on life; and you’ll start to feel your frequency rise in no time at all.

Worrying about the future

Similar to the effect of stress and anxiety, worrying about the future creates a chain of negative energy into your life. In order to create an abundant future, you have to first believe the future you want is waiting for you.

When you meditate on a bad future, you are creating the future you don’t want. The universe delivers what you ruminate upon; so stop thinking about things that will lower your frequency. Ensure you are focusing your energy on a quality one and that will, in turn, boost your frequency now.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs are socially acceptable forms of poison that actually serve to put people into some of the above states we have mentioned. They help people overcome worry about the future by dulling their senses; they help people reduce stress and anxiety in a rudimentary way, and they help people live in the past or future.

All these substances do is reduce your energy. When you realize that the effect was temporary, that you have to go through the hangover process, then you have to return back to reality your energy will drastically reduce.

When your energy is aligned, you no longer need alcohol or drug high to feel better because you don’t have a reality you need to escape from. This is a key benefit of raising your frequency, as you’ll never need to escape your world ever again.

As we have seen, poor choices lead to an unbalanced frequency, meaning you will feel unstable, unhealthy, depressed, and miserable. Avoid these 10 things that will lower your frequency and learn how to raise your vibration. If you choose the path of good thoughts, actions, and choices, your frequency will increase and your wellbeing and energy levels will improve.


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