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Paul Selig wasn’t raised to be religious, and he had recently graduated from Yale. Spirituality took him by surprise—he asked to know Spirit, and Spirit showed up. Suddenly, he could see, hear, and feel the Source, and the academic inside him wasn’t quite sure what to do with it…

In this episode of the Soul Frequency Show Podcast, Paul Selig shares his awakening experience and journey into sharing his spiritual gifts with the world. Channeled messages from Spirit quickly turned into books, and these days, he’s a medium, psychic, and author of eight (soon to be nine!) books, including Alchemy.

Your True Self knows you’re a fractal of the Divine, and you’re a part of this collective evolution—there’s really nothing to fear, even when everything around you is changing.

Vibe up and listen to this episode to learn more about Paul and his spiritual work!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

—Receiving the ‘radio signals’ from the Guides
—What’s the difference between prudence and fear?
—Alchemy as the ‘new potentiality’
—The Divine as YOU!
—What is the experience of channeling like?

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