The Power Of Getting Quiet By Elaine Glass

The Power Of Getting Quiet | Elaine Glass

My guest and I are talking about getting quiet, what happens when you get quiet, and the power of getting quiet. When you get quiet, the truth starts rising to the surface. Then it is really about having the courage to see it and take action on it.

Special Guest Elaine Glass

I had Certified Master Life Coach, Advisor, and Speaker, Elaine Glass on the show.  Elaine takes her clients through a process in which she helps them discover their path to what matters most in life. She supports men and women to lead the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She has a gift for guiding authors through the creative process of creating a book, and making sure it gets from start to finish.

Elaine’s coaching practice is focused on showing people how to embrace change, quiet their mind, and unlock their hidden gifts in a safe, judgment free space.

“Turn off the TV, turn off the internet, and go into nature.  The best lessons I have had is when it has been mother nature and me. It has been very meaningful for me to get quiet, be in Mother Nature, and cultivate this wonderful relationship that we can all cultivate immediately if we say YES.“ – Elaine Glass


Elaine shares about getting quiet to connect within, how changing your tribe will transform your life, and the importance of finding someone to listen!

Last episode, Emma Mildon shared about finding your own version of spirituality that works for you, what the goddess energy is about, and why getting into action is important!

If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about, grab it now!

To find out more about Elaine Glass and the spiritual growth process visit this website.

power of getting quiet - Guest Elaine Glass

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