The Keys to Attracting A Loving Relationship

Whether you’ve left an unhealthy relationship, or you’re new to the dating scene, the ultimate goal of a potential relationship should be to create a truly loving relationship that is healthy for all.

So, how to attract love energy? Finding the right person could be easier said than done, but setting a powerful intention and learning a few tips is certainly helpful. Here are the keys to attracting a loving relationship to guide you towards the right person for you.

Relationships on an energetic level

Everyone has a certain frequency or a specific vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field. Frequency is important because of the Law of Resonance. It states that, depending on the frequency you have, you will resonate with people, places, times, things, and events that have similar frequencies to you.

Most people range between 50-150GHz. If you’ve ever met someone who struck you as being extremely different energetically, then it is possible that person was opposite on the range of frequencies to you. Two people can only get together and stay together when they have the same or a very similar frequency. What determines the frequency a person has?

Factors influencing your personal frequency

Although many factors can affect a person’s frequency, our predominant mental attitude determines what people, places, times, things and opportunities we get to attract in our life. The source of every dis-ease or distress a person has starts with a discordant thought. These discordant thoughts build up in the DNA template (the blueprint of your consciousness) and reverse its coding.

When DNA is running in reverse, this is when we get to misperceive or misinterpret reality, i.e. seeing yourself as a victim instead of a powerful being with unlimited possibilities. When we identify and constantly energize discordant thoughts, we eventually build up unconscious thought forms that run on continuous loops. Those loops consistently change and cycle through low frequency emotional experiences such as fear, worry, sadness, and guilt.

Ultimately, we can have our chakras blocked, which can prevent our DNA template from functioning properly. For example, if we are blocked at the heart chakra we can’t access the first level of Higher Self-awareness. When a person can’t access their Higher Self they are bound to live from the 1st three chakras, which translates to living from the ego (sex, survival, pain, suffering, victimization, poverty consciousness and power struggles).

Cyclical patterns of low frequency emotions block people from accessing their Higher Self and experiencing unconditional love, intuition, and connection with the Divine. Low frequency blocks and patterns are so dense they magnetize people into your realm who are going to trigger fear, betrayal, victimization, pain, sadness and so on. For example, if you fear being abandoned you will magnetically attract people who abandon you.

When you see a pattern of people you are attracting and the subsequent feeling in you that is being triggered, you are being shown where inner work is necessary to evolve.

Ask yourself the following questions:

      • Is my soul frequency high enough for attracting a loving relationship with my ideal mate?
      • Am I continually attracting the wrong kind of person?
      • Who is the right person for me? What kind of energy should they have?
      • Have I been experiencing any low frequency emotion, and what can I do to put myself back into a position of power?
      • Should I work on my own energies and frequencies more, and postpone meeting someone until I am whole in person and spirit?
      • Do I have negative emotions or feelings about relationships in general?
      • How can I reframe relationships into the positive loving connection I know they can be?

Clear out the blockages

The looping themes in your life are clues to the energetic blockages created in the past that are yet to be healed. Clear the blocks to eradicate low-frequency thoughts, hear the call from your Higher Self, and start attracting a loving relationship.

When a person clears these energetic blockages and the discordant thought forms related to them at the quantum level of your awareness, they instantly raise their frequency. They also begin to attract a more harmonious grid of people, places, times, things, and events. This includes soul mates, twin flames, soul family members, opportunities, and other desirable life experiences.

Working on your own soul frequency is the best way to proceed with attracting a loving relationship. When you become the very thing you wish to attract – it will appear!


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