The Desire Factor | Christy Whitman

Have you ever felt a desire from your heart, only to have a nagging voice of doubt come in?

“No, you don’t deserve this. It’s selfish of you to want this. You’ll never be good enough for this.”

Transformational leader, celebrity coach, and Law of Attraction expert Christy Whitman is here to tell you—your desires come from the divine!

Join us inside this episode and step into your own divinely inspired life. Click play to learn more!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

[00:00:49] Overview of today’s episode (plus details on the Soul Frequency Experience coming up!)
[00:01:53] Introducing Christy Whitman, CEO and Founder of Quantum Success Learning Academy
[00:03:14] Developing and birthing her new book The Desire Factor
[00:07:35] Overcoming that nagging voice of doubt against desires…
[00:09:58] Everything around us is SPIRITUAL!
[00:12:15] Your heart-felt desires are possible (and they come from the divine!)
[00:17:50] How Christy’s love for designer purses set her on the path to freedom and healing…
[00:22:10] Living your divinely inspired desirable life…
[00:29:00] What comes with your pre-order of The Desire Factor?
[00:32:00] Experience a channeled message from the Council—expand the energy of desire!

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