The Amazing Crystal to Create Change in your Life

If you’re interested in making changes in your life this year, then you’re probably wondering whether crystal energy might serve you well in your quest.

Today we’re going to look at an amazing crystal, one of the most incredible crystals for transition and change, known as Moldavite, which has the unique power to create change in your life.

Life-changing potential

Moldavite is a crystal renowned for its unique quality of both incredible frequencies as well as its level of resonance. It is a tektite stone, which is a word that comes from the Greek word, tektos, which means molten.

Tektite crystals are considered molten because they were formed when meteorites hit our planet. While they are made from the material of our earth, they are formed under intense pressure. That means they are an absolute concentration of energy, which is the end result of an energetic journey across our galaxy.

Tektite has been renowned for its ability since ancient times. It is widely known as a lucky stone that brings wishes to fulfillment. The crystal was commonly referred to as The Holy Grail Stone because when you come across one you ignite its capacity to change your life.

Interestingly, Moldavite is only found in one place, the Moldau River, which is where it takes its name. A river in Czechoslovakia, this was the site of a meteorite collision approximately 15 million years ago.

Moldavite crystals are the product of this collision. All Moldavite crystals stem from this incident, which was speculated to have been greater than the atomic force. With this powerful concentration of energy, the crystals have a sustained following of devout users. They credit the stone for being able to create change in their life, and for bringing abundance to fruition in their lives.

Combination of heaven and earth

Researchers have speculated that the unique characteristics of Moldavite mean it is quite possibly a fusion of materials from our earth as well as those from far beyond. Scientists have proposed that this may be the case, however that research is still yet to be proven. Regardless of this, Moldavite is often considered the only extraterrestrial crystal on our planet, which has led it to be known as a star rock.

When used in daily energy rituals, Moldavite is shown to truly transform lives by bringing about change. Perhaps this is due to its formation in part, as the crystal itself was forged through the process of intense change. Because of this unique capacity, Moldavite is a crystal of choice for anyone wishing to make significant life changes, or who wishes to have a good luck symbol on their side as they navigate the constant changes that is life.

Moldavite initially strikes people with its dark glassy almost green luster, which inspires people to reach out and touch it for themselves. When they do, many people experience an interesting sensation, almost as if they sense the crystal’s intense energy and energetic capacity.

The Moldavite Flush

Some people experience a warming sensation, which is known as The Moldavite Flush. It is an interesting reaction, which confirms its unique powers. Because as well as being a change maker, the Moldavite crystal is credited for its ability to bring about speedy recoveries. It is a good choice for people with health conditions or generally low energy caused by situations outside of their control.

In addition, the crystal’s energy is a great way to assist you in letting go of past thoughts. The crystal’s energy works to take away anything considered negative. Because of this, you may feel slightly dizzy or strange when you first begin to use it. It isn’t something that should worry you, just a sign that the energy is working as it should.

With your mind, body, and spirit finally clear of draining thoughts and preoccupations, you will be free to discover your inner self, especially when it comes to your inner longings – even the ones you have not yet realized you held.

Meditation enhancer

If you regularly meditate and want to reach greater depth in your practice, then Moldavite will assist you in reaching this level of experience. All you have to do is keep the crystal in contact with your skin for the duration of your session. Moldavite will work in tandem with your brainwaves to deliver a greater calming effect, allowing you to go deeper than ever before.

Moldavite first and foremost is a great crystal to have in your home as a tool to direct powerful energy into your household as well into your overall being. As it is a very high energy stone, many people prefer to keep the stone at a distance, with the individual having the freedom to choose the length of direct contact at any given time.

If you’re okay with the level of intense energy that Moldavite gives, then you could consider wearing it in a pendant, in a ring, or in a set of beautiful earrings to create change in your life. But before you touch a Moldavite for the first time, prepare yourself first by slowing down in order to truly experience your first impression. With your intuition, you should be able to feel in a few seconds whether the intense powers of the mysterious Moldavite crystal are right for you.  This is one of the most powerful crystals for positive change!


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  1. Lisamechelle LaLonde

    Hi Shanna,
    Moldavite and I go way back. It’s one of my favorite crystal energies. I actually have one sitting by my computer and this morning I sat down to find it on my keyboard. I’ve learned that when the powers that be speak, I better listen, so I gave it some extra attention. Then on Tailwind this morning, I saw your pin and knew I had to read the article. I love it! I can’t wait to go and read more. Yes, I’m trying to make some changes in my life and I needed this, so thank you. I Just wanted to add, my favorite setting is with Tanzanite. LOVE those two stones together! I’m off to explore your site more. Be well.

    Love and light. B*B

    • Shanna

      So happy you love Moldavite! I am a big fan hence the article all about it. I absolutely love when I get powerful signs as you did on Tailwind. Keep following the lead of spirit. It always leads us in the right direction. Hope you enjoy searching around the site! Much love!!


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