Success Begins At Home By Johnny Tan

Success Begins At Home | Johnny Tan

The influence that a mother has over the life of their child is immense.  So many lessons learned, so much value and so much love. It’s true that success begins at home. Imagine if you had nine moms? It reminds me of days in the past where we lived in true communities and tribes. Where many people influenced the way a child was raised, where they learned from the community members right along with their biological mother and father. My guest today has one of those amazing stories where multiple mother figures influence his life with their unique gifts and love.

This week Inspirational Speaker and Coach, Johnny Tan, joined me on the show. Grounded in faith, nourished with global experiences, and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Johnny Tan’s life journey has prepared him to be a potent experiential speaker. He shares a transformative message on the meaning of life, the power of relationships, and the quest for success. His multi-award winning book “From My Mama’s Kitchen” talks about how 9 incredible moms changed Johnny’s life. The story of these 9 women and their impact on Johnny’s life is the heart of the book. We talk about all nine women, the lessons they shared, and how success begins at home.

“It all begins at home. There are certain things you can’t outsource. Values cannot be outsourced.  You can outsource math, sciences, languages and so forth, but when it comes to values you cannot do that. There are certain things in life where parents become the teacher, the coach and the counselor for that and values are the beginning part of how personal success begins at home.”  – Johnny Tan

On today’s podcast episode,

 Johnny shares how success begins at home, personal responsibility, and the interesting journey of writing “From My Mama’s Kitchen!”

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Johnny Tan and how success begins at home

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