5 Ways to Stop the Negative Voice in Your Head

While you’re walking the path towards increasing your energetic frequency, it is essential to be aware of your inner voice.

Your inner voice is free to say what it pleases, which isn’t always a good thing. If you’ve ever observed your inner voice, you would have noticed that it occasionally feeds you negative information. The negativity has an unwanted effect on our energy levels and how we feel about our life. To help you avoid this pattern, here are 5 ways to stop the negative voice in your head.

How to stop the negative voice in your head

If you have ever thought, “the voice in my head is saying bad things” then it is important to stop this cycle.  If your inner voice is pushing you into a negative thought pattern, try these simple things to take control of your frequency:

Catch your thoughts

Become aware of the negative voice and its message as soon as you feel it begin to speak. Thought patterns multiply quickly if you let them. Just like the branches of a tree, thoughts keep splitting off to new thoughts. Before you know it, you are having dozens of thoughts that originated from your one root thought. When one negative thought leads to another, you are quickly down a road full of several negative thoughts. It’s no surprise to find that when you get there, you feel depressed, upset, angry, or annoyed; which are all low frequency thought patterns.

The key to shift and stop the negative thought tree is to practice catching the first thought early. Follow up by actively working to divert your attention. If you catch yourself having a negative thought, switch your focus to something positive in your life. Always remember that every thought you think has a frequency. High-frequency thoughts, such as joy, peace, empowerment, gratitude, and love will neutralize any low frequency thought patterns. Practice the technique to help yourself stop getting stuck in negative energy patterns, and give you more control over what you allow your inner voice to tell you.

Do something physical

Physical activity is a great way to disrupt a freshly caught negative thought and stop the negative voice in your head. Movement helps you block those contrary ideas and criticisms, and in turn helps you raise your frequency. Change your frequency in an instant by stopping what you are doing, and actively engage in one of the following activities:

      • Go for a walk outdoors
      • Dance to some positive music
      • Take a hike
      • Go for a relaxing swim
      • Go to the gym and work up a sweat

Call a friend

Communicating with like-minded, positive friends is the perfect way to transform your energy and stop the negative voice in your head. Why not call a friend and talk about something fun or exciting going on in your life? Talk about something great. Don’t spend time focusing on negativity. The more you exchange high-frequency energy, the better you’ll both feel.

To really improve your energy, try doing something active with a friend, or get out and among a community that practices intent and mindfulness. With a simple change of scenery, you’ll begin to quiet the negative voice.

Figure out who is doing the talking

If you take the time to listen, you may discover that the negative voice inside your head is not your own. Most of the time, the voice inside our head is the opinions and thoughts of others, which we’ve subconsciously absorbed over our lifetime. This voice could be one person or a combination of people, such as your parents, partners, teachers, or even society in general.

Actively looking for and examining the root of our inner voice helps us decipher what is authentically ours, and what might be an unwanted negative influence. Low vibe people’s thoughts don’t deserve space inside your head. Work to remove what’s not yours and your energy will improve as a direct result.

Find a great healer, therapist, or coach

If you’re having difficulty distinguishing what’s yours or eliminating an unwanted voice, consider finding a neutral third party. Find someone who is skilled in giving detailed insight into how your internal voice works, and why you may be having these thoughts.

With one-on-one support, you can be well on your way to shifting your thoughts to a more positive, higher frequency, energetic alignment. An objective, yet loving, opinion is all we need to realize it’s much better to release what doesn’t serve us.

You’re free to follow these five steps in sequence, or choose what works for you in the moment. If you like, you can try a combination of more than one to boost your chances of eradicating that unwanted energy drain for good!


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