Sessions: How to Stop Judging People

Let’s take a big deep breath before we talk about judgement. If you’re drawn to this episode then you’ve most likely felt judged, or have felt yourself judging others. Judgement, as a whole, has many negative connotations. It makes us feel icky when we think about judging or being judged. Today on The Soul Frequency Show, we discuss where judgement comes from, how to overcome it in certain situations, and why judgement is a gift at times. We also talk about how Saturn is currently in Retrograde and what this means for you and your frequency. Saturn is responsible for our boundaries, structure, and work life. Saturn Retrograde asks us to re-evaluate these things. It’s time to ask yourself; who have I been in the past? What is it I want to take forward, and what is it I want to leave behind? If you’re interested in hearing more about judgement, what it means, and how to shift your perspective on it, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introducing today’s episode, How To Stop Judging People. (02:25) A perspective shift on judgement. (07:06) Become curious about your judgement. (09:54) Saturn Retrograde. (12:22) How judgement can be a gift.

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