Reshape Your Relationship to Money | Susie Carder

There is a lot of energy around money. It makes sense, it’s at the forefront of our minds and everything we do. We often associate money with negative energy, however, so this episode of The Soul Frequency is all about reshaping how we think about money to instead focus on the positive energy it can bring. So, today I sat down with the wonderful Susie Carder, to learn more about how we can grow our businesses and monetary wealth.

Susie is a globally recognized profitability coach and inventor of the Predictable Success Method. Her radical business strategies have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve exponential growth and triple their profits. In this week’s episode, Susie teaches us how to create things that are meaningful to us while securing our financial future.

In this conversation we talk about Susie’s relationship with money, and what influences our relationship with money. Susie goes on to explain how money is a masculine energy, and how to overcome the common stigmas around money. Lastly, Susie advises us on how to set financial goals and the key factors to consider when starting a business.

If you’re interested in reshaping your relationship with money, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:48) Introducing today’s episode, Reshape Your Relationship to Money.
(01:33) Introducing today’s guest, Susie Carder.
(02:47) Susie’s relationship with money growing up.
(06:16) Where our relationship with money comes from.
(08:43) The stigma around money.
(13:31) Money as a masculine energy.
(24:49) Setting financial goals.
(27:28) Starting a business.
(37:45) Where you can find Susie.

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