Reprogramming Unhealed Trauma | Anastasia Gerali

Anastasia Gerali discovered the opportunity to free herself. After experiencing her marriage coming apart, a business dissolving, and her health declining, she liberated herself from unhealed traumas and reconstructed her best life yet.

Today, she’s a hypnotherapist and Transformation Life Coach, using the Rapid Transformational Therapy (a hybrid between hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming developed by Marisa Peer) to help individuals reprogram and release emotional pain, upgrade their subconscious operating system, and move forward in freedom with an open heart.

Anastasia is living proof that YOU can release a traumatic past and unchain yourself from chronic emotional pain. Listen to this episode to hear Anastasia’s story of self-love lost and found again.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

—Resisting your destiny? Release your fears!
—From victimhood into personal power…
—What is Rapid Transformational Therapy and how does it heal?
—Anastasia’s spontaneous past-life regression session…
—The 3 ways individuals experience transformation

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