Raise Your Frequency With Essential Oils

You can raise your frequency with essential oils!

Think about it. Does a certain scent make you feel positively radiant every time you catch a sniff of it, or does a particular smell make you feel instantly calm? Close your eyes and imagine the smell of the sea or a blooming rose, and you might even begin to feel as calm or as glowing as you would if you were smelling the real thing.

To activate a higher frequency, essential oils provide beautiful aromas; but their greatest gifts run so much deeper. Essential oils work to increase your frequency, as they instantaneously put you into a clearer, positive, more productive, peaceful, and calm state of mind. Here is how you too can raise your frequency using essential oils.

Raise your energetic vibrations

Essential oils are powerful reminders of specific emotions and experiences. They’re also energy and frequency carriers and/or boosters. Remember, everything in this universe consists of energy. The same goes for the essential oils we use, because they are energy and frequency distilled into a fine concentration.

Studies have shown that essential oils have an impact on the body that can be measured. Therefore many health practitioners recommend utilizing essential oils to restore their clients health and wellbeing. It also explains why so many traditional philosophies have promoted essential oils for the longest time.

They found that essential oils have the highest natural frequencies of any measured natural substance. Specifically, the highest quality pure grade essential oils frequencies range between 52 – 580 MHz. The average person has a frequency of between 62 – 78 MHz. It is widely believed that disease in humans begins when the body’s frequency drops below 57MHz. Theoretically, you can raise your frequency with essential oils by applying them and letting the body absorb their higher frequency. They allow and assist you in raising your own frequency as a result.

Frequency boosting essential oils

If you’re susceptible to injury or disease, or recovering from illness, the benefits of a higher frequency cannot be overstated. It has been found that a higher frequency gives our body that extra boost it needs to recover quicker, repair damage, and allow you to build up a quality immune system. The immune system, in turn, helps protect you from bacteria and viruses as well as boost your overall energy.

If you’re looking to raise your frequency with essential oils, choose essential oils with frequencies above the baseline for optimum human health. This means you should make sure you select oils that have been tested to be above 57MHz. The following is a list of vibrational frequencies of essential oils.

      • Blue tansy – 105MHz
      • Citrus – 90MHz
      • Frankincense – 147MHz
      • German Chamomile – 105 MHz
      • Helichrysum – 181MHz
      • Juniper – 98MHz
      • Lavender – 118MHz
      • Peppermint – 78MHz
      • Rose – 320MHz
      • Sandalwood – 96MHz
      • White Angelica – 89 MHz

Restore your body’s natural harmony

All natural occurring products, such as essential oils, emit a particular frequency that can either boost or harm our energy fields. With the daily use of essential oils, you too can harness the benefit this natural product provides. The frequency of essential oils is powerful. Take a big calming breath of your favorite frequency raising oil today. You will begin to feel a greater sense of vitality in the long run.


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