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Personal Mythmaking | Janelle Hardy

Want to write your story but afraid to follow through?

In this episode, we talk about tuning into your story and sharing it with the world. Joining me in this episode is Janelle Hardy, creator of ‘The Art of Personal Mythmaking,’ a transformative memoir-writing course. Janelle is a trauma-informed hands-on healer, writer, artist, and host of the Personal Mythmaking Podcast. Click play to learn more.



What you’ll find inside this conversation…

  • (00:50) Introducing today’s guest, Janelle Hardy
  • (03:32) Growing up tall but shy – you can’t really blend in!
  • (07:04) Called against culture and into the healing and visual arts…
  • (09:05) On the other side of soul initiation – reclaiming yourself, helping others, and creating beauty
  • (11:47) Fairytales and mythology – medicine for the soul
  • (13:41) Stepping into a relationship with ancient stories to make meaning of our own life path…
  • (18:41) What fears get in the way of writing your own story?
  • (22:19) Are you an empath hiding your story away from the world?
  • (27:50) The body processes that come with transformation – reconnecting the physical self
  • (32:32) Where can you connect with Janelle?


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