Medical Intuitive By Julie Ryan

Medical Intuitive | Julie Ryan

Today, we are talking to an incredible woman who is not only brilliant, but has a powerful gift that can literally be life saving. She’s a medical intuitive.

This week, I had medical intuitive, Julie Ryan on the show.  She can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She sees energy fields, and can communicate with spirits both alive and dead. In addition, she can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and other buildings. She can tell how close to death someone is.

She learned the basics of how to do energy work more than 20 years ago, but at her core she is a businesswoman, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. During her 35-year career as an entrepreneur, she has invented surgical devices that have been sold throughout the world. She founded several companies in the medical, natural gas, advertising, long-term care, compliance, and data breach prevention industries.

“For example, yeast causes everything from chronic sinus infections to MS type symptoms.  I have so many people I work with that have been told they have IBS, they have fibromyalgia, and they are loaded up with prescriptions –  and it is yeast.  Once we get the yeast cleared up all of those symptoms go away.”  – Julie Ryan


with a medical intuitive, Julie shares how she is able to do medical scans, why disease manifests in the body, and what happens when we are dying!

Last week Julia Ball shared why sacred inquiry helps your expansion, what are prompts for growth, and how to understand resistance in a new way!

If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about in the last few episodes, grab it now!

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To find out more about Julie Ryan, a medical intuitive, visit this website.

Julie Ryan - Medical Intuitive

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