Manifesting Through Meditation | Cassandra Bodzak

Today on The Soul Frequency I sat down with the wonderful Cassandra Bodzak to learn all about using meditation to manifest our dreams.

Thought leader, and bestselling author of Manifesting Through Meditation, Cassandra heals and mentors thousands of women around the world to create their most divine life. She is a sought after on-camera personality and speaker in the mindfulness and personal development world. She also hosts the popular spiritual podcast Divine Downloads.

In this conversation, we talk everything manifestation and meditation. We start off by learning about Cassandra’s meditation journey, and the moment her guides presented meditation to her. We also hear about how Cassandra meditates and how she came to her meditation practice. We then dissect the world’s resistance to meditation and why your manifestations aren’t working. Lastly, we discuss how we are natural-born manifesters and how we can unlock our gifts.

If you’re interested in hearing more about combining meditation with manifestation then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:50) Guidance of the angels: angel number masterclass
(08:13) Introducing today’s guest, Cassandra Bodzak.
(10:00) Cassandra’s meditation journey.
(17:25) Cassandra’s mediation practice.
(25:39) The resistance to meditation.
(36:51) The value of higher guidance.
(44:30) Why your manifestations aren’t working.
(50:08) Natural born manifesters.
(57:16) Find out more about Cassandra.

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