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In today’s episode, I sat down with the amazing Sara Schulting-Kranz to discuss healing after trauma. When she was only 17 years old, Sara was sexually assaulted, resulting in the subsequent birth of her eldest son. Then in 2013, her husband of 17 years disclosed secrets that betrayed her, retriggering past trauma. Sara has used her life experiences and courage to help other survivors forgive and heal. Sara is a personal coach, wilderness guide, author, TEDx speaker, and Executive Producer of the Walk Through This documentary.

In this conversation, we talk about Sara’s experience and her journey to forgiving herself, others, and the world for how she was treated. Sara tells us that as a society we must change our attitude toward others and their stories, and how the dictionary definition of forgiveness needs to be updated.

“The definition in the dictionary right now is the process of forgiving and forgetting. Your brain will never forget that this happened, and nor should it have to. We cannot truly heal from our difficult experiences without honoring that we actually walked through them.”

Lastly, Sara tells us how nature helped her begin her healing process, and how even when we feel alone, we never are.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Sara and her journey to healing and forgiveness, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:49) Your soul’s highest alignment + our new website!
(06:26) Introducing today’s guest, Sara Schulting-Kranz.
(07:54) Sara’s personal healing and forgiveness journey.
(12:24) Walking through trauma.
(15:57) Why it’s important to listen to and believe others.
(20:51) Forgiving yourself, others and the world.
(22:21) Shame and trauma, and how they’re connected.
(25:22) Everything starts with self – how we deny our own healing.
(28:29) A new definition of forgiveness.
(32:34) Nature’s role in healing.

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—Her business is on Facebook as Live Boldly with Sara Schulting-Kranz.
—Her book Walk Through This: Harness The Healing Power Of Nature And Travel The Road To Forgiveness can be found online through Amazon and booktopia.
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