Into the Nothing | Dr. Gabriel Cousens

How can we work to unite humanity in the face of worldwide suffering?

Align with destiny and leave ego at the door! Decide to walk in peace and love.

During my first spiritual awakening, I discovered the work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He’s a pioneer of holistic medicine, a rabbi, and a spiritual mentor.

He calls himself a “wild and liberated mystic,” a title earned by his courageous life.

Rebelling against his roots in Western medicine, Dr. Cousens realized his destiny. Challenging convention, he chose a raw food diet, meditation, and homeopathic medicine.

And beyond alternative health, he’s a humanitarian, uplifting communities around the world.

Now 77 years young, he recently published Into the Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography. In his book, he reflects on the many esoteric and inspirational tales from his Earth journey. Join us for this episode and jump into Dr. Cousens’s mystical story!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

—Align with your destiny and leave your ego at the door!
—Choosing the path of unity and community…
—Pain—the light revealing unresolved karma
—The Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace to remember your oneness with the Universe
—Dr. Cousens’s journey into his Jewish roots and the secret knowledge of Kabbalah

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