How to Upgrade to 5D

In spiritual development, there’s this concept that we need to go somewhere or get something or fix ourselves. But here’s the thing: there’s nowhere to go.

Before you build anything, you should profoundly dig deep into who you are. And that is what 5D is: knowing yourself fully and completely as a spiritual being.

It’s about being more of yourself and being more connected to the truth of who you are. It’s more about being than doing.

Existing in 5D means you have elevated your frequency and leaned into your soul’s purpose or are (at the very least) curious about it.

What is 5D really?

In general, being able to resonate at a higher frequency is about uncovering who you really are as a spiritual being and being able to create an authentic life.

There are many things that cloud who we really are, such as societal expectations, roles and the desires of others — all of which can leave us feeling disconnected.

Luckily, we live in a time where we can reclaim our truth and explore our inner world. We as a society are starting to wake up, and it’s become “the norm” to want to look inside and say, “Let’s dive deeper down the rabbit hole!”

So what is 5D really? It’s not somewhere to get to, and it’s not another dimension that we fly to. It is something we can bring into this moment and activate at any time.

It’s a frequency you can connect to.

A lot of what exists in 3D can cause pain, negativity and fear. For example, living life based on “have-tos”, conforming to keep people happy and cycling in past pain and drama.

Fear, doubt and scarcity are common experiences living in the 3D.

5D Process

If you’re experiencing or working through any of this, don’t worry! You’re not “doing it wrong”.

Part of the process of moving into 5D is facing some of the challenging things that we experience in 3D.

The 3D frequency keeps us stuck in drama and replaying old patterns that don’t really serve our lives. 5D frequency starts to reveal the old patterns so we can begin to reprogram and shift our life’s course. And when you start to see the pattern, you don’t have to live in it.

I don’t know about you, but there are major chunks of my life where I was in a lot of fear, feeling totally disconnected from the truth of who I was.

If you’re there or you’ve ever been there, it doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Connecting to 5D helps you realize that 3D is not the only reality, it is just one reality. One that you can choose away from if it doesn’t feel nourishing.

As you begin to exit the 3D matrix, you begin to notice how people spend most of their time repeating old patterns, getting caught up in drama cycles and experiencing low-frequency emotions. It’s not easy to escape the inertia of the drama cycle vortex, but bit by bit all conscious souls are moving in that direction.

Simply noticing this drama and these patterns allows you a higher perspective, and allows you to soften the hold the 3D reality has over your life.

How to Exit the 3D Matrix: 3 Ways to Begin Flirting With 5D

1. Notice the drama

One of the ways that you can start flirting with 5D is by looking at things in your life that “feel like they are drama”, things that feel like they are always tugging at you or bringing down your frequency.

Maybe there are people in your life or circumstances that feel heavy or challenging. They pull on your energy, distract you and demand your attention — and it doesn’t feel good.

Recognize that these dynamics are not fixed but are instead a cycle that you can shift. The simple act of recognition creates space between you and that vortex. And in that space, you have the power to choose something different.

Choice is our no. 1 tool when it comes to tapping into 5D.

What am I going to choose to expose myself to? Or more importantly, what don’t I want to surround myself with? Do I want to choose where I place my attention? Or will I allow my attention to be pulled into arguments, sensationalism or triggers?

What is it in my life that feels like low-frequency energy? Do I want to stay in that energy? Or do I want to choose something different?

2. Honor your space

Something else to be aware of is your environment. This may include your physical, mental or energetic environments.

Are you living in a house full of clutter? There are always emotions attached to the things we keep.

We may believe that our intention to hold on to these things is irrelevant but in reality, we’re holding onto these things for a reason. Whether those reasons are self-serving or simply because of emotions such as lack or fear, there is always a reason.

Are you holding onto relationships that drain you? Spending time with someone who is always negative? All of these environmental distractions represent old energy that no longer serves you.

In order to access 5D, you must clear out what no longer resonates. When you clear out your physical, spiritual and emotional closets, you start to align with new information.

You may find other people’s energy either feels great in your space or you may find the need to distance yourself.

When you are around people who are resonating at 5D, you’re going to naturally start vibing with their energy. We like to vibe with our surroundings, so staying around those resonating at 5D will help you stay connected to the 5D frequency.

There is a general sense of peace, wellbeing and neutrality in 5D. As you continue to align with it, you may start noticing that others are naturally drawn to you. When you’re living in the freedom of 5D, others can sense that and will want to be near you — just to soak in the glow of your frequency.

There are three things that can happen as you start to embody 5D energy:

You attract more people already resonating at 5D into your life.

5D people love being around others that vibe in their frequency — but they don’t need to be physically nearby, just to get that 5D hit; they make their own 5D magic!)

You inspire others to align with 5D energy.

5D energy is powerful and can cause people in your life to begin their own transformational process. They may feel your sense of peace and inner connection and desire to cultivate this for themselves.

People in 3D may want to resist your connection to 5D

Not everyone is ready to jump on the 5D train and they may want to resist it or try to yank you back into the 3D vortex. And it’s OK if others aren’t ready. Not everyone needs to embark on this journey at the same time as you. But you may find the need to distance yourself from these people or at least limit your time with them if you find this happening.

No matter who you are drawn to during this time (or who is drawn to you!), creating a circle of people around you who support your vision is priceless.

3. Embrace freedom

Finally, how you spend your time is really important.

Time starts to break down a little bit in 5D, meaning you don’t relate to time in the same way.

You will also start to change the way you do things in relation to time. Time will feel a lot less rigid, and flow will happen naturally because you’re channeling and receiving information — and there is no timeline to any of that.

Some people realize they don’t want to be tied to a desk all day or that working from home frees up their time. Some start to feel magnetically attracted to a more freeing lifestyle (and more repelled from lifestyles that don’t allow for flexibility).

The process of upgrading to 5D is freeing.

It’s freeing to let go of that old energy and it’s freeing to allow yourself to ascend as a spiritual being. At a very deep level, we all want to feel free.

The truth of who we are is not just found in a physical body; we are multidimensional beings living out this human experience.

This is why it can be challenging sometimes to feel the heaviness of the 3D world. At a deep level we know that there is more than meets the eye. But when we are able to live in the neutrality of 5D, we begin to embrace our sovereignty and freedom to make better choices that support ourselves, our causes and those around us.

If you continue to be courageous and break the negative patterns in your life, you are well on your path to the 5D frequency.


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