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I have always believed that if we could talk face-to-face, share our hearts and listen to the experience of one another with an open mind that we would find commonality.  That is how we truly transform in the most important ways.  How we resonate more with love, kindness, and truth.  Understanding yourself, learning to lean inside, and being open to understanding others is the most important gift to this world. 

This only happens when one person makes a choice, then another person, and another, and so on.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of one person choosing love over fear, and the transformative effect that has on the individual and the world.

This week, speaker, author and life coach, Jay Pryor joined me on the show.  Jay helps executive women by guiding them as they access their intuition, learn to trust their inner knowing and align with the law of attraction—an approach that results in more business, more money, more fun and more inner peace.

In this podcast episode…

Jay Pryor shares why leaning inside is the way to gain more happiness, inner peace, abundance, and more. Jay was kind enough to share his personal life experience in a very open and honest way so we can understand his journey.  One of the reasons I started this podcast was to have real, honest and sometimes raw conversations all with the intention that we know ourselves better and understand the view point of others. 

Last week we talked about biofield healing with Debora Wayne. She shared about the inner workings of biofield healing, why changing your energy frequency matters, and how energy healing can help with physical and emotional symptoms. What did you take away from Debora’s episode? Check out last week’s episode to find out more!

Also, don’t forget to listen to the end of the episode for this week’s new take action item!

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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