How To Do Soul Work

Whether you’ve been along for The Soul Frequency journey for a while now, or you’ve just tuned in, you’ll know that a lot of my work has to do with the soul. But what is the soul and what does it mean to do ‘soul work’?

Today I’m going to demystify the practice of soul work so you have a step by step guide to help you along your own path to a better and more soulful experience.

What is soul work?

Soul work is a process where you dedicate yourself to actively improving your soul health. As you know, your soul is something intangible. While we can’t hold it in a physical sense, it is what makes you yourself, your very essence. Interestingly, there are those who have the ability to see souls in various colors. They can be quite valuable as they can provide insight into how your soul looks from the outside.

While you may think this is not important, because nobody ‘sees’ it anyway, they do indeed feel it. Your soul is something others feel on a daily basis, which is where the energy frequency comes into it. Your energy frequency is your soul’s unique vibration and soul work is, therefore, anything that works to bring your energy frequency, and the very essence of your being, into positive fruition.

The 5 elements of deep soul work

How do I start soul work? Soul work encompasses a wide range of actions, habits, patterns of thought, and life and lifestyle changes. At its core, it is all about living your truth – actively participating in a life that resonates with you, and working to remove anything which suppresses, harms, or prevents your soul from thriving as it should. Here are the 5 elements of soul work that you can use to improve the vitality of your being:

1. Soulfully removing unhelpful emotions

If you speak to any soul work practitioners, they will encourage you to stay in the moment. When you are present, you should feel nothing but gratitude. Emotions that drain your soul normally belong to the past as regrets and the future as worries.

Ask yourself, do you spend most of your time in the past and present? Is that having a negative effect on your soul? Wouldn’t you feel more healthy and abundant if you actively dropped those obsessions? How does your soul feel today? Do you think that is linked to how often you’ve worried or ruminated over the past?

2. Soulfully accepting responsibility for choices

Our choices have a significant impact on our soul, as we often tie emotion into the result of the choices, or we mourn the loss of what we lost due to our own inability to select correctly. However, spending time focusing on choices, also known as the past, burdens your soul.

Soul work focuses on allowing you to accept your choices and release it. You no longer have to hold onto anything that is weighing you down; so take the opportunity to let whatever it is holding power over you go free. When you work through this your soul will begin to feel lighter and lighter, with a greater sense of vibrancy. You’ll feel less physically burdened by things you can no longer control.

3. Raise your soul frequency

You guessed it! The essence of soul work is all about actively controlling, monitoring, and promoting a higher frequency. Humans are so sensitive to the moods, energies, and frequencies in the environment, that we can’t really be trusted to maintain our frequency unconsciously.

Active frequency work is all it takes to keep your soul frequency high. Soul work is not easy and can be confronting. You do have to work through long-held beliefs and memories and be brave enough to release your perceived limitations. However, complete soul work is impossible without a dedication to actively engaging in activities that keep your frequency high. Start your day in alignment, and if you’re not, have a plan in place to get there – your soul will thank you.

4. Moving towards kindness

A healthy soul is a kind soul. Soul work focuses on essential truth, which everyone has in their soul if only they are willing to find it. The essence of the soul is one of loving, grateful, giving kindness. To fully heal your soul, look inside and discover how you feel. Are you being the most loving, kind, giving, and grateful version of you?

Kindness can often be found in stillness, which is why so many people participate in yoga, calm strolls, and meditation on the road to soul wellness. Spend time in nature and simply observe life. Is there anything else that you need to be, other than kind? Ask your soul for guidance and you will know when your actions, thoughts, and habits are in line with the true you that your soul is crying out for you to be.

5. Soulfully speak your truth

One of the most fundamental aspects of soul work is having the spirit and the courage to voice what is true inside you without fear of criticism. While it may be hard for you to express how you feel, know that the sense of difficulty is just something you have learned. Soul workers actively encourage those on their journey to verbalize their innermost thoughts and ultimately own them.

With this process, you will reach intense realizations, make long lasting bonds with likeminded people, and feel a certain sense of happiness that comes when you are finally able to speak the truth your soul wants to tell. This is your soul’s story, and one of the most powerful steps on the path to a fully realized life.

Soulfully embracing the now

Actively engaging in soul work allows you to feel a greater sense of health and vitality. You no longer have to struggle against something you feel but just can’t explain. With your soul and your sense of self now in alignment, you can resonate powerfully, with intention, and be the person you’ve always wished to be in the world.


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