How Astrology Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose | Debra Silverman

Today on The Soul Frequency I sat down with psychologist and astrologer Debra Silverman to learn how our lives are mapped in the stars, and how we can utilize these blueprints to achieve our life purpose.

Debra has combined her expertise in esoteric soul-centered astrology and her extensive education in psychotherapy to develop a unique psychological and spiritual model that helps individuals going through major life changes. Debra helps her clients achieve emotional health and wisdom by customizing their treatments based on their astrological charts.

In this conversation, we talk about Debra’s journey into the amazing work she does, and what she believes are the key aspects of astrology we should all be aware of. She tells us what our astrological charts can predict, how they differ between the four star signs, and what in our lives have already been written in the stars.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how to use astrology to find your life purpose, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:49) Introducing today’s episode, How Astrology Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose.
(03:17) Introducing today’s guest, Debra Silverman.
(04:10) Debra’s journey into her work.
(08:17) What can astrological charts predict?
(14:05) The Four Elements.
(25:24) What is in the stars?
(30:02) How can I serve?
(36:13) Debra’s courses.

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