High Vibe Habits for Entrepreneurs

Having a high vibe is essential for everyone, in particular entrepreneurs!

They benefit from not only having a high soul frequency but also channeling that energy into their business pursuits. If you’re looking for a better way to do business while also ending the day on an energetic note, here are 8 high vibe habits for entrepreneurs that you can utilize today.

8 high vibe habits for entrepreneurs

1. Say what you mean and mean what you say

There is a mistaken belief that doing business means being misleading, or deceptive, in order to get sales. The true nature of business could not be further from the truth. Energetically saying what you mean and meaning way you say wins in the long run. Your customers respond to the fact that you not only look out for what is truly best for them, you also deliver it with the highest integrity. Be authentic, truthful, and intentional with clients. Share your gifts to the best of your ability, and your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

2. Bring good vibes to the relationship

As a high vibe person, you’ll make a conscious effort to continually contribute great energy into the relationship. Actively setting the tone for all your encounters allows you to create and experience greater joy with people who can match your energy, whether this be suppliers, contractors, or customers. Emit your positive frequency into every relationship and begin to feel the difference.

3. Create a powerful morning routine

High vibe energy starts the moment you wake up! Create a morning that starts your day off on the right foot. Whether it is a yoga class, trip to the gym, meditation, journaling, or a great breakfast; find what works for you and what sets the tone of your energy for the day. Try different activities until you find your secret sauce and keep doing it on a regular basis. When you do so, you’ll walk into work with a certain bounce in your stride that is a clear indicator of a high vibe person. Others will begin to feel it too!

4. Love consistency

Consistency is king and we kind of resist it. Have you ever done something for two weeks and then fallen off track? Consistency is the key to more freedom. By creating consistent systems within your business, you actually conserve energy. You’ll spend less time and energy having to figure things out again and again.

5. Create one powerful lead generation system

Every business runs off revenue, which means you need sales. Most people will tell you that they hate selling. Here’s the thing, there is no selling necessary when you have a system that creates powerful introductions between you and the people who totally need what you have to offer. If you can’t make an introduction yourself, align with someone who shares your same outlook and approaches relationship creation in a way that feels authentic to you. Allow their experience to expand your business and always make sure your energy is infused throughout the project.

6. Build powerful relationships

Make sure you stay committed to building powerful relationships [whether that be with clients, other business owners in the same field, and really anyone that you come across.] that have a great vibe. Help each other, be supportive, and connect energy with those who share a common intention to serve others.

7. Always be growing

Life is a continuous growth journey, and we must grow energetically in order to develop as people. Make sure you are always finding new ways to learn more about your unique gifts, and how you can share them. Hone your craft, and right when you think you are done honing – go deeper. Mastery is a beautiful thing and it takes time and practice. So, stay with it!

8. Be courageous

Take a leap of faith once in a while or even every day! Be courageous. Courage is energy, and as well as being contagious; it helps you to grow in ways you never thought possible. All growth happens when you are pushed outside your comfort zone, so make sure you get out there each and every day to discover great stuff.


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