Healing with the Frequency of Sound

Voice is a frequency and a powerful communicator of both energy and intention.

Have you ever observed how someone’s voice can have a healing effect on you almost instantaneously? Humans have long observed the healing properties of vocal toning for centuries. What does your tone of voice say about your energy and how can you utilize this body of knowledge and frequency of sound in your own journey towards optimum health?

Voice, song, and sound are all healing vibrational frequencies

Healing with the human voice

Nada yoga and the Lemurian tones

The human voice is very powerful. Its tones can be used to create an energetic vibration, simply by holding and projecting one tone at a time. This is the foundation of Nada yoga, which is the yoga of sound; and the Lemurian tones, which utilizes tones in large group settings to heal through the frequency of sound vibrations.

Nada yoga considers that there are two distinct forms of music, inner and outer, depending on their source. The use of the voice as music refers to the healing power of sound, which is entirely under your control.

The Lemurian Choir promotes toning as being a meditative practice. It allows you to release any negative energies or feelings, reduce anxieties, improve endurance, and enhance your power of focus. Think of it as simply pushing the reset button on your health and wellbeing.

If you feel wound-up, consider humming a single calming tone for a few minutes. As the calming frequency of sound vibrations travel down in waves over every inch of your body and out into the universe, you’ll begin to feel more energetically vibrant in no time at all.

Toning for Rebalancing Chakras – Sound and the Chakras

According to the wisdom of Indian traditions, music has an immense power to heal. Interestingly, they consider the voice toning practice to be much more powerful than any instrument on this planet.

Similar to Nāda yoga, the tone projected is just a tone, not a word. Toning is an ancient tool used to restore balance to the body’s energetic system. All you have to do is hold the note long enough for it to cascade down your body. This healing with the frequency of sound is promoted for those looking to align their chakras. It is an effective way to get back in balance with ourselves, the planet, and the universe.

The power of intention

This Indian tradition also recognizes the power of words to carry meaning. When you meditate on your intention to heal, this toning system using the frequency of sound will assist you in realizing healing in abundance.

As well as being great practice for overall wellbeing, the power of intention is promoted as an enjoyable activity that works to promote happiness and positivity. In turn, you will be able to identify spots in your health that require more work; and have a greater level of insight into your inner being, which is a priceless connection.

Healing through the frequency of sound with the application of song

We’ve known for centuries that song has a powerful healing ability, but it is great to know that modern science now confirms the wisdom of the ages. According to recent research at Harvard University, music therapy and the frequency of sound has true healing powers that can influence positive medical outcomes as well as overall health.

Improves patient outcomes

In recent trials, it was proven that patients who listened to music while in surgery reported much less discomfort during their operation. Is sound an effective mood-boosting natural painkiller? It appears to be so, as recovery room music saw a decrease in the number of opioids being taken by patients with similar surgeries. It also…

      • reduces the side effects of cancer treatment,
      • helps to relieve depression,
      • assists dementia patients in recalling memories,
      • and is a great nausea reducer – which explains why tonal music has a powerful effect on morning sickness.

Restorative effect

Music therapy is promoted as being the brain-builder of choice for those suffering from a stroke or brain injury. This is because our brain’s left hemisphere is largely responsible for our speech. Singing ability, on the other hand, stems from the right side of the brain but medically this means that patients can utilize this to the singing side, by putting their thoughts to a tune first. It is fascinating stuff and truly proves just how powerful the voice combined with our human focus really is.

Healing through the application of frequency of sound


The American Holistic Medical Association is the gold standard when it comes to medicine that bridges the divide between modern medicine and the wisdom of the ages.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is one such pioneer in the field of healing through the frequency of sound. For more than two decades, he has been dedicating his research to the field of neuroacoustics, which is the medical application of tones and sounds to enhance patient outcomes.

Measurable outcomes

He has developed precise systems for harnessing the benefits of the frequency of sound to improve brainwave patterns and balance the brain. He has been effective at utilizing these techniques in the management of pressing modern medical issues such as stress, heart disease, depression management, and various other ailments.

Similar to Indian traditions, Dr. Thompson’s method is not about singing nor personal expression. Like Nāda yoga, he uses specific tones to create specific biological responses and brilliant patient outcomes.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls, also known as Himalayan Bowls, have been promoted for centuries for their power to enhance the meditative practice. They are also said to enhance our body’s capacity to self-heal.

They work by creating a range of tones that resonate as vibrations and work to balance out your entire body and mind. Also known as energy medicine, they are credited with reducing stress, the sensation of pain or discomfort, and they are brilliant at relieving symptoms of depression.

Healing starts when our minds begin to match up with the vibration of the bowls. This promotes the perfect state of meditation, stress release, creativity, and the act of getting in touch with your inner self. If you struggle to hold tones, or you have a medical condition that affects your voice, perhaps a Tibetan Singing Bowl would be a great introduction to the healing power of sound vibrations?

The healing power of podcasts

When faced with this evidence, it is not a stretch to imagine that hearing the frequencies of a person’s voice repetitively through a medium such as podcasts could be utilized as an effective healing method. Through tuning into this voice transmission on a consistent basis, one is able to receive the frequency of sound through information designed to assist your overall health and wellbeing.

It is being heard through the ears, and with every cell in the body.  We literally listen with our whole being.  These are healing frequencies for the aura and brain. Choose healing voices who are sharing high frequency information for a healing modality in and of itself.  Join me on my podcast The Soul Frequency Show for weekly transmissions of frequencies to heal mind, body, and spirit along with business motivational speakers, healers, luminaries, doctors, and spiritual teachers.


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