The Frequency Of Your Name

Did you know that your name has a frequency?

There are numbers assigned to the spelling of your name that create a certain vibrational frequency. Numerology identifies the frequency and characteristics associated with a given number. Each letter is assigned a numeric value, based on its sound vibration. It is believed that the constant repetition of a number causes a vibrational frequency to resonate throughout the universe. Even the slightest adjustments in the spelling of a name can, therefore, change the frequency of your name and cause huge shifts in the vibrational frequencies that affect your life.

Most of the numerology numbers that affect our lives are unchangeable.  They are demarcated at the time of birth or shortly thereafter.  The only number we have a choice over is our common name that we use in everyday life.   We cannot change our birth date, our day of birth, or our birth name, but we can choose our name.

Changing the frequency of your name allows you to experience life in new ways.  So, on the path to knowing thy self better your name is as important a frequency as any other.

The Two Types of Numerology

Did you know that number systems have been used by most ancient cultures as a prophecy tool?  Of the many number systems, there is one that is used most commonly today, known as Pythagorean Numerology. The most important numbers in the Pythagorean system are the full date of birth and the full birth name.

But, let’s go deeper into a more ancient system – that favors the common name as the most important number in its system.   Chaldean or “Mystic Numerology” dates back before the Pythagorean system.   While Chaldean Numerology is considered more accurate, it’s less popular. This is because the Chaldean Numerology system is not as easy to master, and the alphabet values are not in as systematic an order as the other system.

The fundamental premise of numerology is that life, and the universe is an orderly system of numerical sequences.  The universe not only maintains a sequencing and structure based on that sequencing, but it also changes in precise and orderly ways (day turns into night, the tide rolls in and out and the flowers bloom in the spring).

Numbers are everywhere and they influence us in ways that we may not even realize.  Every day we see addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, numbers on the clock and yet it is our day-to-day name that is the most important number in Chaldean Numerology.

Numbers Are Everywhere

Numbers are so important in our everyday lives. Most of us live by the clock. What time do you get up? What time do you have to go to work, get the kids to school, eat dinner, etc.?  We see addresses, license plate numbers, and telephone numbers everywhere.  More than these particular sightings, numbers are also responsible for how we feel and they influence the experiences in our life.

When you know the vibrational frequency of your own name you can understand the power in you. Your specific number will reveal power you can utilize in your life to make your life what you want it to be. Your number will also help you with the challenges you might face. Knowing your number and your specific challenges attached to that number will help you avoid obstacles. This ability to avoid obstacles will help you reach a place where your life can run smoother than you have ever known.

The Benefits of Knowing The Frequency of Your Name

By understanding the nuances of your name frequency, negative energy can be controlled and eventually neutralized, and positive energy can be affirmed and reinforced.

The constant repetition of your name causes this number frequency to resonate throughout the universe, which, if positive, is drawing in positive energy. If the resonance of your name is not supportive, it is likely to draw in karmic patterns and difficult experiences.

Even a slight adjustment in the spelling of a name can cause huge shifts in the energy that influences your life. Every time a person thinks of you, he/she thinks of your name, transmitting to you the particular energy that your name vibrates too.

Thoughts all have their own frequency and have the power to travel across space and bring physical changes. The name you use every day is sending out a frequency and to know what it is will help you understand the experiences in life and your outlook.  So, let’s dive into it…how to find my vibrational frequency?

Chaldean Number Chart

  1. A I J Q Y
  2. B K R
  3. C G L S
  4. D M T
  5. E H N X
  6. U V W
  7. O Z
  8. F P

Frequency Calculation

After all of this talk on the frequency of names, let’s dive into the frequency of your everyday name based on the Chaldean system.  Typically, your everyday name doesn’t include your middle name; many times it is your first name and last name as it is most used.  So, if you have a nickname that is what most of your friends, family, and colleagues call you regularly, you would use your nickname in the calculations.

You want to notate the number that corresponds with each letter in your name and you are going to add all of those up to find the total.  Chaldean numerology looks at both the double-digit and the single-digit that they reduce to.  Single digits represent outer influences and double digits represent inner aspects to a person.

You can find the frequency of your name and the descriptions of each number here.

Example:      J + I  + L + L       S + M + I + T + H

1 + 1 + 3 + 3     3 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 5  = 25     2 + 5 = 7

Different than the Pythagorean system that only gives significance to the single number, in Chaldean numerology, there is meaning assigned to both the single digit 7 and to the double-digit 25.

Changing My Own Name Frequency

Most of us have preferences for some numbers – and names – over others – we feel intuitively an attraction to their frequency, yet mostly our names seem to be bestowed on us either by birth or marriage.  Some names’ frequencies can be more difficult or karmic, meaning you are playing out karma from other lifetimes during this lifetime. Other numbers can lead to a more harmonious path.

The frequency of your name is also interacting with the frequency of your birth date, name at birth, and even your day of birth.  Looking at all of these numbers helps to determine the inherent quality of your life.

Over the past several years, I have had significant changes happen in my life and experienced a rapid evolutionary process.  Through my in-depth study of number systems, I have felt drawn to a name that fits the positive changes that have occurred around me.  The frequency of this new name fits my purpose and life mission to help and heal.

Just like many women, my name changed when I married my husband. Taking his last name changed the frequency of my life.  Both my married name and my maiden name were challenging frequencies.  So, today and every day forward, my family and I are choosing – harmony.  As a family, we have decided to choose name spellings that are a harmonious path.

My new name is a mix of my first name with a twist on the spelling and my middle name given at birth.  Frequency hacking my name has proved to be freeing, expansive and fun. Sharing my name, chosen by me, at this time in my life, carries great meaning.

The frequency of my new name…

Shanna Lee

Resonates to the number 6.

Here’s the description:

“Six is conscientious; it desires to bring harmony, truth, justice, and a sense of balance into its environment. Love and compassion are uppermost in its mind, and it can, therefore, be an effective teacher, counselor or healer. Others are drawn to it because of the understanding, which emanates from it. It is family and social responsibility, service, love, compassion, counseling, healing, and creativity.”

You Deserve the Highest Vibrational Frequency

As you can see the small changes make a big difference. One letter change in your name is a whole new frequency.  My name is now synonymous with my purpose as an intuitive healer. Although, it is a big decision it can be a very empowering one.  This is only the beginning of the things that I will share so you can frequency hack your life too.


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  1. Shanna

    Hi Adam, My pleasure! So happy it connected with you.

  2. Shanna

    Hello! Thank you, so happy you found it valuable. Many blessings!

  3. Sarah Rudiger

    I’m having a hard time naming my daughter…..please contact me!!

    • Shanna

      Hi Sarah, Congrats! So thrilling to have a daughter. You can play with different spellings of names and there are many resources on understanding the Chaldean numerology and names. Ultimately, know that you will choose the perfect frequency for your child.

  4. Sama Hany Abdelfatah Abdeltawab Abdelghafar

    Can you explain more how the name has a vibration and frequency and with examples? and you haven’t explain the pythgorean system? and what is the meaning of each number and if two people has the same name then how their vibration and frequencies is different? I need information for my college presentation

    • Shanna

      Hi Sama, This article focused only on the Chaldean system. If two people have the same number, they may display some similar traits or experiences in life, but each person is unique and walks their own soul path.

  5. Nicholas Sepkoski

    Hello! I have an interesting question. What frequency is a person’s breath? When someone breathes in making a yh sound and then breathe out, making a wh sound. I searched google and your site just stood out to me. I’m curious if there could be a light frequency at that wavelength? Any insight would be helpful!

    • Shanna

      Yes, breath spontaneously emits photons. There is a frequency associated with the interval of breathing as well.

  6. Rachel Ourania Avramis

    My name is Rachel Ourania Avramis. I love my name. Based out your chart, I believe my name is a 6.

    • Shanna

      That is wonderful that you feel deeply connected to your name! Six is a lovely energy ~xo


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