Feminine Confidence | Amy Pamensky

In this episode, intuitive mindset coach, spiritual teacher, and host of ‘The Feminine Frequency’ podcast, Amy Pamensky shares her personal transformation story of stepping into her feminine confidence.

Amy realized it was time to honor her truth even though it meant leaving her old life behind.

Do you find yourself weighed down by the expectations of others? Are you afraid to share your most authentic self with the world? You don’t want to miss this episode. Click play to learn more.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

[00:03:42] A little bit about Amy
[00:04:52] Amy’s battle with self-doubt and negative self-talk
[00:06:45] When what you “should” do becomes unfulfilling and empty…
[00:08:02] From rock bottom to finding purpose and meaning
[00:09:55] Amy learns to trust herself and take action…
[00:12:54] Amy’s divorce and inner work around confidence
[00:14:16] When you step your soul frequency, the universe responds…
[00:16:52] The 3 pillars to increase confidence
[00:21:31] Magnetizing your best life to you
[00:23:37] Raising your feminine confidence = raising your frequency
[00:26:20] How can you find out more about Amy?
[00:26:48] Amy answers the 4 questions…

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