Dare to Feel | Alexandra Roxo

Feelings and emotions are a core part of the human experience. They are one of the things that connects us all. This is something my guest today, Alexandra Roxo, deep dives in her book Dare to Feel. After reading this book I was so inspired, so I’m excited to have Alexandra on the podcast to talk about all things emotions.

Alexandra is an artist, best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and transformation coach. In today’s conversation, we start by discussing the inspiration behind Alexandra’s spirituality before deep-diving into the importance of feeling our feelings. We then discuss bringing our emotions to our consciousness, the patterns we create in life and the importance of voicing our needs. We then close by discussing deep spiritual connections and how to open our hearts.

Thank you for listening, and I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:46) Introducing today’s episode.
(02:13) Introducing today’s guest, Alexandra Roxo.
(04:42) How Alexandra got into her work.
(10:50) Bringing consciousness to your life.
(16:02) Patterns in life and voicing needs.
(27:57) Deep spiritual relationships.
(34:02) Heart-opening journey.
(41:05) Where you can find Alexandra.

More resources for your high-vibe life…

— Visit Alexandra’s website: https://www.alexandraroxo.com/
— Get your copy of Alexandra’s book Dare to Feel: https://www.alexandraroxo.com/daretofeel
— Follow Alexandra on Instagram @alexandraroxo
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