3 Catalysts to an Awakening Experience

It is rare for intense periods of spiritual awakening to occur in isolation.

When you examine significant periods in someone’s life to see when their level of awakening has shifted radically, you can often pinpoint a series of awakening catalysts or events that drove that awakening to come to fruition.

Today, we’re going to look at the 3 catalysts to an awakening experience. They will help you determine whether a deeper level of experience is in your immediate future, as well as the meaning of past events in the context of your life journey.

Common catalysts to an awakening experience

The three most common catalysts that drive awakening experiences include

      • ecstatic experiences,
      • meditative experiences, and
      • traumatic experiences.

Knowledge of these catalysts to an awakening helps you choose daily habits that drive towards positive spiritual change. They’ll help you make sense of traumatic issues that may have a deeper meaning when examined in hindsight.

An ecstatic experience

Ecstatic experiences represent a class of catalysts that we humans generally exercise control over. These catalysts enable you to choose to enter them should you wish to reach a higher level of consciousness.

The most common ecstatic experiences include fasting, sleep deprivation, spiritual journeys, drugs, breathing exercises, the application of pain or discomfort, dancing, and any other activity that alters the human mind or body in a way that forces it out of homeostasis.

Homeostasis refers to the natural balance our bodies fight for every single day and includes essential things such as our blood pressure, core body temperature, metabolic rate, energy supplies, among others. While these things may drive us towards awakening, not all of the methods justify the end result.

With your body in a heightened condition, the result is often an awakening experience where a deep truth is understood. However, this isn’t the case all the time, which is why this method should be used with absolute caution.

A deep meditative state

Meditation has been proven for centuries to be a key driver of awakening experiences, which is the reason why the practice is still so common today.

Compared to ecstatic experiences, the meditative experience is a higher quality, less stressed driver of awakening, which is why it is the preferred choice for those wishing to obtain a higher level of quality consciousness.

When we are still on the inside, we begin to tap into the universal flow of energy, as well as discover truths about ourselves as well as the world and our part in it.

Meditation only requires a calm mind in a quiet environment, but that is debatable as some people claim they can meditate regardless of their environment. Through our twenty-minute practice, you can experience the power of guided meditation. Practitioners of meditation have been known to have somewhat spontaneous experiences when they have suddenly been overcome by a wash of calm realization. That shows that an awakening experience can occur at any moment should you be in tune with your inner calm.

The simple appreciation of our bodies, our world, and their offerings, assist in reaching greater levels of meditation. This can include the happiness of a stroll through nature, contact with animals, the pleasure of sex, exposure to beautiful quality music, or even gazing upon stunning artworks.

When we open ourselves up to the energies contained in these areas, we allow ourselves to go deeper into an appreciative state, which is conducive to the experience of awakening.

Significant trauma

Nobody wishes for traumatic events to occur in their lives, but these kinds of events do appear from time to time. They are best viewed as great teachers on the path to spiritual awakening.

Traumatic experiences lead people to feel a significant degree of mental distress. Distress causes them, or forces them, to rethink their worldview, their beliefs, and their relationship with themselves and others.

While this process can be stressful, it teaches us that nothing that comes into our world is ours to own. The most traumatic experience of all is possibly the concept of loss. Such as a loss of a loved one, a karmic catalyst soulmate, or loss of things, status, or footing in your current reality. While it’s unfortunate, it is true that there is nothing in this life that we can truly possess.

Through this, our ego is dealt a significant wound as we contemplate our mortality and the meaning of our existence. Some people succumb to trauma’s effects, but most people come through traumatic experiences with a significantly deep awakening. The experience forces them to conceive of life in a more simple and meaningful way.

What is your perspective when dealing with catalysts to an awakening?

If you are dealing with a difficult situation now, it is possible that a brighter future awaits you. Put the difficulty into perspective after you have gone through the process to understand better.

Overall, the three catalysts to awakening are essential on the pathway to a deeper understanding of your life in the context of our existence. Which catalysts have occurred in your past? Which catalysts do you think are working on you right now? How can you harness these catalysts for yourself to reach a high vibration and elevated level of experience?


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