Build Your Brand, Not Somebody Else’s | Julie Ciardi

There is a common saying that copying is flattery. It means you’re doing something right if people want to replicate it. But this episode of The Soul Frequency is for those doing the copying. Though copying is not bad, it’s also not authentic. This conversation is all about identifying that inspiration within yourself to help you find and live your soul purpose.

So, who better to hear from than the wonderful Julie Ciardi. Julie is a business and mindset coach on a mission to help ignite women to design lives they love rather than live by default. She is helping women wake up on Monday mornings loving what they do by creating businesses and careers filled with intention, joy, and impact.

In this conversation, we discuss Julie’s journey into her soul mission, how you, too, can choose your soul mission, and how to communicate this change to your loved ones. We then discuss taking the jump into your soul purpose and how it probably isn’t going to be easy. We then chat through the benefits of your soul mission, and some things to know before going in.

I hope you find something in today’s conversation. I’ll see you all here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:49) Introducing today’s episode, Build Your Brand, Not Someone Else’s.
(04:21) Introducing today’s guest, Julie Ciardi.
(05:52) Julie’s journey into her soul mission.
(14:20) Choosing your soul mission.
(16:13) Communicating to your loved ones.
(25:23) Your soul purpose can be hard.
(29:02) The benefits of choosing your soul purpose.
(36:44) Things to know going in.
(40:20) Human design.
(48:48) Where you can find Julie.

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