Are You Craving More in Your Life?

I have always been a person that craved more. It’s been a consistent inner desire that has called me forward towards new inner awareness and many adventures.

Are you craving more?

When you’re lying in bed at night, do you think, “Gosh, there has to be something more for me?”

Maybe the thought is super quiet and you can just push it off, or maybe it’s so big and frustrating you can’t think straight. Whatever it is, you know you just want something more.

This can be in any part of your life whether it’s relationships, business or career, or maybe it’s just a general overtone.


You’re not alone

Not only do I work with clients that find themselves craving more, but I personally lived with this desire much of my life (without really understanding what it meant).

For years the call for “more” was subtle, and I would just push it away. But as time went on, it became big and loud.

And to be honest, it was super frustrating. I wasn’t sure what it all meant; I only knew… I just wanted more! More of something. But what?

We can feel these tugs in different areas of our lives. The almighty desire for more was pulling on me.

Have you ever felt that way? When you want something more but just don’t know how to connect with it?


Why do we crave more?

Not everyone desires more, so if you do, you’ve got to pay attention to this.

Maybe you have a relative or friend who is fine with life as it is. They may not dream or visualize anything new for their lives. And, if you happen to share with them that you are desiring more, they may reply with a quick retort such as…

“You should just be happy with what you have.”
“You are so unrealistic.”
“Why do you always have your head in the clouds?”

My own experiences in life led me to study this idea of wanting more and why it occurs for some and not others.

So let’s talk about this. Why do we crave more? What is this desire telling you?

Firstly, If you desire more, there is more for you.

Secondly, It’s that soul self part of you that is calling to be heard.

And we all know what happens when we don’t listen to that soul part of ourselves. We can have all kinds of things going awry in life when we’re not listening to our inner truth. This then drains our energy and leads us to spiral into negative patterns and beliefs.

We suffer all types of drama and problems. We get pulled in different directions because we’re not centered in who we are and focused on what we really want. Ignoring our soul leads to burnout and confusion.

I learned this first hand and the most important guidance I can offer is to listen to your soul’s call for more. There is a well of goodness to be discovered. Your soul is always leading you to greener pastures!


Tuning into your soul

Slowly I began to uncover what the “more” was that I was looking for.

After approaching this from the purely logical mental plane for years, I began to really tune in to my soul and what my body was telling me, the “more” began to come into clear focus.

Doing the work to align my everyday actions with what felt good rather than what I “should” be doing was just the beginning. When I started to uncover my “more”, this feeling of peace and alignment came over me and felt like a long-awaited exhale.

Discovering your “more” means tuning into what your body and soul are telling you, leaning into what feels good and allowing the “shoulds” we put on ourselves to fall away. And there’s even “more”!


Cosmic Connections

After I began rearranging my life to embrace more things that spoke to my soul. I uncovered an even deeper awareness about the desire for more. The most effective way to answer the call for more was simply to be engaged in the understanding of this deep desire.

It took me years to realize that the desire for more was not just the accumulation of physical things or achieving something in particular, it was a deep desire for connection to something greater than this 3D reality.

Isn’t it funny to ponder that “the more” itself could really be a feeling and not a thing?

I’ve also come to realize that there are many of us that feel this way. And through my coaching practice, I started to see a recurring theme between star seeds on this planet and the desire for more.

Star seeds are here on Earth having a human experience and simultaneously know there is more than this human 3D reality. They are here to expand our definition of self and awaken humanity to their cosmic connections.

If you have been walking around for years unable to answer that question of, “What is that more?” you may find yourself starting to awaken a whole new reality, one that includes your cosmic origins.

Whether you have ever pondered the question, am I a star seed? Or if you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are. Trust your intuition.

Star seeds have come to help awaken the planet. They come with their own “medicine”, gifts and methodologies for how they share their own light with others.

The key characteristic you will notice is that they are causing people to see “more” about life. Simply by spending time in their energy field, you will begin to see new possibilities for your life. Star seeds have a mission to help people uncover why they chose to incarnate and how to share their unique soul frequency with the world.

Discovering your “more” is multifaceted and vast with many different opportunities to connect deeper with yourself and the Universe.

It will be a long journey for some and for others it will be like finally putting on clothes that fit like a glove.

Whatever your journey is, lean into it. You will find that once you do, a sense of relief will wash over you.

Want to become more clear about what you want? What type of more are you really wanting? And where your path to “more” can lead?

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Let me know in the comments below if you are craving more of something in your life!


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