Akashic Records By Ashley Wood

Akashic Records | Ashley Wood

Wouldn’t it be cool to ask your most burning questions about life to the guides and masters, and get powerful life changing guidance?  Well, it is possible and my friend Ashley Wood does Akashic Records Sessions.  She is going to explain more in this episode.

Special Guest Ashley Wood

Ashley is a healer, spiritual teacher, intuitive guide, and mother dedicated to empowering women to live their best life. She is the host of Manifest This!, (an internationally recognized and respected podcast) and passionate about vegan living, yoga, animals, and the outdoors. She resides in Winnipeg, Canada, with her husband Ben, daughter Ivy, and cats Bose and Feesh. Together they create and produce Manifest This! and own Lot 49 Dairy-Free Foods.

“As soon as I got pregnant with her.  This was a really big shift in my life where I could no longer do what people expected of me, or what I thought was cool or to try and fit in.  In bringing her into the world, I really had to be myself and be my authentic self.  So, I really have her to thank for this whole journey that I have gone on.  Otherwise, I don’t think I would have gone down it meaning I would have been living a life that was not in alignment with my divine purpose and I am now and I am so grateful for it.”– Ashley Wood


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Ashley shares what the Akashic Records are, why asking questions creates a healthy boundary, and what the take aways can be from an Akashic Records reading!

Last episode, Dr. Maya Shetreat shared about earth medicine, healing our emotional selves and her new de-certification program through the Terrain Institute!

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To find out more about Ashley Wood and Akashic Records visit this website.

The Soul Frequency Show - Guest Ashley Wood

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