A Self Love Journey | Aileen Xu

When you have big choices to make, how do you figure out the best path forward?

Love – it’s high frequency, it’s expansive, and we all want it in our lives.

But the love in your life all starts with YOU. With self-love.

Aileen Xu joins me on the show today to share her journey into self-love. She’s the Founder of Lavendaire, a personal growth and lifestyle design blog, and hosts The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast. Her mission is to help people discover their true potential and create their dream life.

Aileen grew up doing what she was told: “Go to college. Get a good job.”

She realized she was riding through life by letting everyone else captain her ship. Something was missing in her life in a big way…

The path to destiny is rarely a straight path. It winds around, over all types of terrain, with surprises and dangers and delights along the way. How do you navigate?

Give yourself permission to love yourself and create a life that you want. Ready to learn more? Listen to this episode of The Soul Frequency Podcast.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

—Breaking free from living on autopilot – believe in YOUR own vision for YOUR life!
—Back into her creative – Aileen makes a music album!
—Unraveling your insecurities and external validations…
—Debunk your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs!
—Success ≠ love – pitching out the people pleasing…

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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