5 Tips to Find Yourself When You Feel Lost

et’s talk about how to find yourself when you are feeling lost. It is a common experience to feel lost at some points in your life journey.

Knowing how to handle this stage, each time it appears in your life, is the key to keeping on track as giving in to this isolating feeling can easily lead to a downward spiral. If you’re dealing with this or you simply want to know how to deal with this if it appears, here are 5 tips to find yourself when you feel lost.

5 tips to find yourself when you feel lost

1. Give yourself time to explore

Feeling lost is a sign you need to explore your current relationship to your surroundings, but it is also a wider sign that you need to re-establish your connection with yourself. While a strong soul frequency won’t make you immune from times such as these, it will make it easier for you to cope. Here are three ways you can explore dimensions of yourself and find yourself:

Your truth

What do you believe? Who are you and what is your connection to the things around you? What do you think is in store for you? What level of control do you have over things turning out in your favor?

Your feelings

How do you feel? It is normal to feel sad, scared, worried, or anxious when feeling lost. Thankfully, those feelings are normal. How you feel may differ, but acknowledging them is the first step to releasing them. Discover how you truly feel, and take steps to reduce the circumstances or limiting beliefs you might hold that contribute to these feelings.

Your thoughts

What have you been thinking lately? Could your thinking pattern have contributed to your current sensation of feeling lost? What indicators have you seen that back up your sense of being lost? Could you have missed signs you are in fact on the right path?

2. Go easy on yourself

Life is a journey; it’s rare to find someone who has everything all figured out, regardless of their age. As we progress through various life steps, it is common to feel lost. Could it simply be that you are in a transitional stage? Regardless of whether you are or not, here are three key ways you can make this time easier on your soul as you find yourself.

Take a slower pace

Do you really have to rush? If you’re feeling anxious, rushing only exacerbates it. Take the time to go slow, and see if the world around you changes to match your pace.

Stop and smell the roses

Appreciate all the little things that arise in your day. From the person who pours you your favorite coffee, or other beverage of choice, to the person who always gives you a hug at the end of the day – stop and truly appreciate them. Marvel at nature around you, appreciate the weather, even on bad days, and stop to breathe. You’ll get through this.

Allow yourself to wander, discover, and rediscover your life

Have you noticed how most people plan their entire life path out by the time they are twenty, and then stress when the rest of their life doesn’t go as planned? Life isn’t meant to be a clear path from A to B. You can discover new pathways as often as you need them – instead of staying on a fixed course, discover the pleasure of wandering.

3. Seek support

Don’t ever think that you have to endure difficult times all on your own. Instead of suffering in silence, consider enlisting support to help you along the way. The following ways will help you find yourself even faster:

Find people who allow you to be you

Finding a group of friends who allow you to express who you are doesn’t just mean providing a place where you can share your personality. It also means providing a safe space where you can share your troubles in a judgment free environment. Find people who like you regardless of how you’re doing and you have found something invaluable.

Read great books that you are drawn to

Which books are you naturally drawn to in the bookstore? Take a stroll through your local store and find positive books that call to your soul and inspire you to take action. Take them home and truly absorb their meaning; with a book by your side, it’s hard to feel alone.

Be with loving and kind people

You might have discovered that not everyone wants to spread loving kindness in the world. While that may be sad, the best thing you can do is ensure your inner circle (and outer one!) contains only those dedicated towards positive expressions of caring and love. Spend time with likeminded people and see your soul soar.

Find a professional to share your experience with

People often feel daunted about seeking professional help, but interestingly, after having their first appointment a common refrain is “why haven’t I done this earlier!” Seek out a professional who is in line with your goals, beliefs, and worldview, and you’ll benefit from that professional touch only an experienced practitioner can provide.

4. Get out of your normal routine

Humans aren’t designed to follow routines. If you’ve been following one for some time, do your body, mind, spirit, and soul a favor and shake things up in the following ways and find yourself:

Go on an adventure

Whether it is a planned adventure or a completely random trip (provided it is safe to do so!), an adventure is just what you need to get back your sense of self. Exploring the city, the mountains, or any place where you can reconnect to yourself is a vital part in recovering from a sense of feeling lost.

Switch up your daily routine

Routines can be important, but why not switch it up from time to time? Do things around the other way, add in different activities at new times, or add in completely new agenda items? Variety truly is the spice of life when it comes to routines – mix yours up and see if you begin to feel better.

Try new things that you have never done before

There is something special about ‘firsts’. When was the last time you did something new for the very first time? If you can’t remember, then it is time to get started on a new list of firsts. Call it a challenge, make a list, and get out there and do them.

5. Tune into things that make you laugh

Feeling lost can feel dark and while we don’t want to fully escape the process of growth that feeling lost calls us up to, we don’t need to stay stuck in it always. Here are a few ways you can experience happiness today while you find yourself:

See a funny movie

What could be better than a bit of comedy? Go to the cinema with friends, or simply have a movie night at home. Pop some healthy popcorn, cut up some healthy snacks, and truly enjoy being in the moment as you laugh until your face hurts.

Get together with a friend who makes you laugh

There is nothing better than the joy that comes from sharing genuine laughs with friends. Invite your best friend out to an activity you know he or she would enjoy, or make it funny, or even competitive, such as a card game or a board game. Depending on your friendship, you could even find that renting a funny movie at home does the trick – good friends always find something to laugh about!

Allow yourself to be in the moment

Feeling lost is often a symptom that your attention is placed on the future or past, or both at the same time. Instead of putting your attention there, focus on being in the moment. What can you find in the present that makes you happy, amuses you, or even makes you laugh? If you look, something is sure to appear.

Allow joy to fill the spaces where you are feeling lost

It’s possible to feel joy while stuck in a period of feeling lost. While you experience joy, visualize and feel joy filling the spaces where you feel lost. Focus on this as it fills you up, notice its warmth, its presence, and see whether doing this on a regular basis will help you feel better.

Gift yourself high frequency energy

Laughter is an incredibly high frequency energy source. Do you feel entitled to enjoy this natural source of abundance? Give yourself the gift of laughter and you will begin to find yourself again. When you experience a similar sensation in the future, turn back to what you have learned and walk through the process once more with a kind self-loving approach.

The most common time we feel lost is during times of big changes; nothing is certain anymore and those predictable patterns we once fell back on have been taken away. Use these 5 tips to find yourself whenever you need to get your life back on track.  Also, find help – it’s okay to talk about all of your thoughts and feelings, in fact, it’s necessary!


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