5 Things To Know About Telling the Truth

As you progress towards a vibrant soul frequency, you’ll begin to witness various themes popping up time and time again.

One theme that often rises to the surface is truth. Truth is the most freeing, yet many times challenging way to live your life. Telling the truth and moving towards this state requires you to face difficulties you may have been avoiding or challenges you have been glossing over, in order to keep the peace.

You may even have memories of being asked to ‘tell the truth’ or times where you were forced to confess under the watchful eye of a parent or authority figure. However, telling the truth and living your truth has the power to radically transform your life. So, why is telling the truth important? Here are 5 things to know about telling the truth so you can learn to live life in a more truthful way.

1. Truth causes powerful emotions

When you are telling the truth it will resonate deeply in the core of another. They may feel angry, sad, or confused; or they may feel elated, joyous, or excited.  Truth makes people feel.  No matter if these are challenging emotions or joyous emotions, feeling is positive. We need to open up our feeling centers to receive the truth as well as to release it.

2. Truth is a catalyst

Telling the truth sets things in motion. Whether you are finally exiting an unhealthy relationship or choosing to pursue your purpose, or anything in between, speaking this truth to others will start an energetic momentum towards your desires. Imagine how great it would feel to have those unsaid words no longer holding you back from the true reality you desire? Speak your truth and take control of your destiny.

3. Truth is unfamiliar

Many people are uncomfortable with hearing the truth because they were never taught how to receive it and move through the emotions that truth reveals. However, learning to speak and reveal the truth is a powerful skill set that will help you stand out and be effective in all relationships. Growth comes from taking on challenges outside your comfort zone. If just thinking about the truth causes you to feel anxious, perhaps that is a sign that addressing the truth going forward is a personal challenge you need to take?

4. Truth requires you to leap

You may never feel ready to speak your truth. Instead, you may feel fear, hesitation, and want to bury the truth. Don’t wait and hope to find a sense of comfort. You have to honor your own intuition and not your fear. Truth is ready to be spoken when you think about the topic at least once daily. If you think about it this often, it is a sign that the issue is at the top of your mind and ready to be expressed by you telling the truth.

5. Truth will set you free

The minute the truth is spoken, you will feel a sense of release and freedom like never before. By speaking your truth, you have now crossed over an energetic threshold and into a new frequency where more possibilities are available that were never available before. How much more could you accomplish in this new state? How will this energetic shift impact your life?

What about telling the truth rings true for you?

So, should we always tell the truth? Even the most resonant souls have challenges with truth from time to time. The trick is to stop seeing truth as being about good or bad, and more to do with committing to communicate in a healthy manner. What has been going around in your mind and soul this week that you could benefit from releasing? What actions can you take to ensure you continue to apply this on a daily basis?


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