5 Beliefs That Will Keep You Stuck

So, what 5 limiting beliefs will keep you stuck?

Before we answer that, we must see that each belief we hold has its own energy frequency.  Positive beliefs about life and yourself create a flow of energy that animates your life and keeps you feeling healthy and vibrant. Occasionally, it is possible to get stuck in a rut or just plain stuck thanks to limiting beliefs that cloud your life.

Limiting beliefs only serve to keep you stuck and frustrated instead of embracing your soul frequency and living the life you came here to live.  These limiting beliefs are many times formed in childhood and reinforced by those closest to us. Becoming aware of how to stop limiting beliefs is valuable, let’s looks at the top limiting beliefs and how to release them.

I am not enough

Everyone can suffer from a bit of low self-esteem occasionally. When the thought of, “I am not enough” is a dialogue you tell yourself every day or more than once a week this must change.  The statement, “I am not enough” is often at the root of self-sabotage.  Feeling not good enough will keep you from living a full self-expressed life.

The truth is you are enough because you are alive.  You don’t have to be, do or have something to be enough.  You simply need to be guided by the joy in your heart to the experiences that excite you.   This belief will begin to shift as you connect with your own intuition and take inspired action.

I need to try harder

Many people think that doing everything themselves or working too hard is the answer to success. Often you need to learn to slow up and wait for the universe to assist you. People often spin their wheels staying in the same place by working hard instead of working smart.  You can try to force outcomes, or you can co-create the life you want with the help of the twelve universal laws and source energy.  Sometimes, you literally cannot see the infinite possibility around you when you are focused on one desired outcome.  Slowing down and moving into flow mean less energy is wasted and allows life to support you in your endeavors.

There is something wrong with me

When you compare yourself with others, your mind may convince you that there are parts of you that don’t add up.  Maybe someone seems more attractive, successful or happy and in comparison you decide that if you or your life were different you would be experiencing those things too. This is an illusionary thought.

Everyone has strengths, weaknesses, problems, and challenges to face. You never know what is going on in people’s lives until you really know them. You never want comparison thoughts to get the better of you and pull your focus from your true path – that path where you transcend the 5 thoughts that keep you stuck.

I must be everything to everyone

This one of the beliefs that will keep you stuck will also keep you running in circles people-pleasing. This belief is the source of burnout in life.  It is important to have balance and know you’re limits. Yes, it is nice when people appreciate what you do, but you are only one person who deserves to have boundaries and time to rest and enjoy life.

If you overload your plate with doing things for other people, it can take away from the time to make your life the best it can be.  You must focus your energy on you first and fill your own cup before you can be great for others.

I must be perfect

The illusion of perfection is all around us, and many people are unknowingly caught up in playing the perfect game.  The desire to obtain perfection will rob you of joy and present moment awareness.  Once you release the desire to be perfect, you can connect to your own rhythms and true desires.  You want to live your own authentic life, not an illusion of perfection that is unattainable and uncomfortable.

Now that you know the 5 beliefs that will keep you stuck, the key to clearing them is awareness.  Take an inventory of how these beliefs show up in your life.   It is not your fault if you have one or all these beliefs buried deep in your psyche, you are not alone.  These beliefs occupy the minds of everyone and to grow personally, you need to transcend them.

It takes courage and faith to test your own beliefs, but that is the only way to prove them wrong.  The world needs your unique brilliance. Breaking through these beliefs that will keep you stuck is essential to sharing your gifts in bigger and bolder ways.  Be brave, do the inner work and watch your life take on a whole new energy.


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