3 Tips to Finding the Frequency of Your Life Purpose

Have you ever felt as though you are doing everything right, but everything isn’t turning out as you planned?

Are you having trouble with your life purpose? Although you may be meditating regularly, looking within, spending quiet time reflecting, eating a healthy diet, and more; you may not feel any sense of clarity about why you are here.

How to find your purpose and passion in life? Every purpose has an energy frequency which you need to align with in order to connect with that energy pattern. Here are three steps to finding your purpose and opening the door to clarity on the actions you need to take to bring it to fruition.

Clearing the Blocks to Clarity

The first thing you need to do is clear whatever energetic blocks you have that are stopping you from achieving ultimate clarity for your life purpose. These blocks are often hard to identify by introspection alone.  We can’t see what we can’t see about ourselves.

We each have unconscious beliefs that keep us in low frequency patterns of behavior. If you believe you don’t deserve to do what you love while also making great money, then your experience will reflect that belief.

Energy blocks are draining and can limit your potential. To begin the process of identifying and clearing, you’ll be working to align yourself with the frequency of your life purpose sooner rather than later. Some people spend their whole lives living from their unconscious beliefs, but that is not necessary. There are very effective solutions to clear away the things that hold us back, whether we know what they are or not.

Understanding Inherited Beliefs

A key part of clearing out your blocks is identifying and understanding the beliefs you absorbed from your immediate family, siblings, and community. Inherited beliefs play a huge roll in any disconnect in the areas of life purpose and career. Many parents instilled false beliefs in their children, perhaps out of the goodness of their own heart (perhaps they were taught them too!).

However, these beliefs do you no good if you aren’t called towards a traditional 9-5 job with little spiritual, emotional, or mental satisfaction. When you begin to uncover what you were taught to believe, you can then determine what beliefs are yours, and begin to live by your own compass. With this blueprint in your head, you can move forward towards obtaining the life you want.

Take an Inventory of Your Strengths

Have you stopped to make a list of all the strengths you possess that could help you on your journey towards finding the frequency of your life purpose? We often forget our strengths, because what seems difficult for others looks so natural to us.

What to include:

Things you are good at doing

This can include anything –

from what you are good at in your work,
what problems you are good at solving,
the things you are great at making,
things you do that just come effortlessly,
and things other people indicate you have a talent for

– it is easy to dismiss these comments as flattery, but you’ll often find they are a genuine appraisal of your skill.

Things you like doing with your time

This category is interesting because a lot of the time people separate the things they enjoy doing from the things they used to do to make money (such as – in a job). However, the ideal work for you could stem from what you enjoy doing.

What do you love doing so much that you barely notice time passing?
If money was not an issue what would you do with your day?
What did you enjoy doing in your childhood?

All of these questions are a great start to finding purpose in life and discovering your personal inventory.

When you’ve discovered your inventory, start by doing more of those activities on a daily or weekly basis, even if it is just in your spare time. When you get into the energetic flow of the activities you love, you’ll start to feel the positive feelings associated with it, and it will continue in an upward spiral.

If you are trying your best, but aren’t quite there yet, consider following the three steps for yourself to see whether you will jump up into the frequency of your life purpose.


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