3 Steps to Stop Fear and Negativity

Fear and negativity are powerful emotions, which can drag down your soul frequency if you give them even the slightest chance.

Let’s dive into how to overcome negative thoughts and fears.  It’s wonderful to know that you don’t have to stand by and let these emotions dominate your experience. If you acknowledge that you’re feeling these emotions, know that you aren’t doing anything wrong and you’re not a bad person. Taking steps to understand, and move through these feelings is the best step you could take in terms of your health and wellbeing. Here are the 3 steps to stop living in fear and negativity starting today!

How to overcome negativity and fear

1. Evaluate your addiction to fear and negativity

Fear and negativity can be exciting emotions. For some people, they are used as a tool to attract negative attention to the point of addiction. Take a moment to reflect on how you engage with these emotions.

Do you consistently think fearful thoughts or feel negative? This is funny, but look at your favorite emojis on your phone, are they all negative emotions, are you communicating that you are always frustrated? Are you watching negative things on TV, and on the internet? Are you knowingly or unknowingly surrounding yourself with fear and negativity?

To stop fear and negativity you have to evaluate your addiction to it. Then decide whether you want to invite it into your life at all.

2. Check whether you’re taking on the fear and negativity of others

Humans are empathetic creatures, so it is understandable that you will at times feel the energies, emotions, and feelings of others. If the people you surround yourself with are consistently negative, you can see you might run into some problems.

To determine whether the people in your environment could be a problem for you, consider whether they constantly communicate in a way that elicits fear or negativity in you? Do you want to be more positive, but feel others are always bringing you down?

In some cases, we are literally programmed from birth to live in a frequency of fear and negativity. To stop fear and negativity, it is essential to check whether you are taking on the fear of others. If you do find a problem, consider whether you can reduce your exposure to these people. You can actively work to negate their attitudes and beliefs with your own words, behaviors, and energetic presence.

3. Choose to make powerful choices

If you become aware that you’ve been participating in a fearful and negative cycle, you have to make powerful choices to move into a new experience. You cannot expect to be around negativity and fear and not have it impact your health and life.

Here are some ideas you can start doing today to stop fear and negativity:

      • Spend your time with positive people.
      • Stop watching or reading negative news, violence, negative comments on SM, or following people who portray or elicit negativity and fear.
      • Limit time with relatives or close friends who are consistently fearful or negative.
      • Only share your dreams, intentions, or future visions with those who are positive and supportive.
      • Read inspiring books, listen to inspiring podcasts, fill your mind and heart with information that uplifts you.
      • Choose to nourish your body with healthy foods that will naturally change your physical health and elevate the happy chemicals in your brain.
      • Spend time with people who admire and value you and vice versa.
      • You’ll begin to feel much more positive as you thrive on the positivity you both share.
      • Take control of your frequency

Reducing fear and negativity in your life opens up a new pathway for you to feel a heightened level of happiness and positivity. Allowing these opposing emotions to flourish increases your frequency, boosts your wellbeing and allows you to connect deeper with other likeminded people. Take charge of your emotions today – your soul frequency will thank you for it.


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