10 Ways To Detox Your Energy Frequency

Everything is energy including you. Energy, vibration and frequency, and the human vibrational frequency are the most powerful and poignant subjects pertaining to overall health and vitality.

Energy is the foundational building block of everything in the universe.  So, you’ll want to take note of these 10 ways to detox your energy frequency.  The quality of the energy that exists in you depends on many factors and one of them is how well you take care of yourself.

One of the twelve laws of the universe is the law of vibration.  This law states that everything in the Universe moves vibrates, and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and wills in the Etheric world. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.

When your energy is high, it moves fast, health just is, and you can manifest things quite quickly.  When your frequency is low it can lead to disease states, negative patterns, and emotional states such as shame, guilt, anger, resentment, and disappointment. There are many actions you can take to detox your energy frequency to help establish and maintain a high frequency state of being.

Salt Baths

Salt has been hailed for centuries for its healing properties. It also fights infection, heals the skin, and even helps you sleep like a baby. A warm bath is also a means to heal through better respiratory function, soothing aching muscles, and simply relaxing an anxious mind. Put these two together and a salt bath is number one for an energy frequency detox.

Salt works to cleanse your energy body of any negative energy you may have picked up.  Simply pour 3 cups of Epsom Salt and ½ ounce of your favorite essential oil into a jar with a lid and shake. You can pour anywhere between one and two cups of your salt mixture into your bath. Pink Himalayan Salt is also a beautiful healing bath as well. You can pour ¾ of a pound to 2 pounds into your bath. Salt can also help the body clear the thousands of toxins you encounter each day. Soak, relax and unwind in a soothing and cleansing bath.

Create a tidy environment

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” someone once said. They were right. To be your best self, you want to take a look at your environments. Your home, car, and office if you have one, all affect your energy each day.  This doesn’t mean becoming a perfectionist, it means tapping into how you feel in your environments.  Do they feel uplifting, happy, and joyous or do you turn a blind eye to the clutter just so you can survive it?  An environment that is messy or disorganized can lead to scattered thoughts and a lack of focus.

You can open up the flow of energy in your life by getting rid of things that you never use and organizing your space so it feels harmonious.  You may even want to hire a feng shui consultant to improve the energy in your environment. Watch how clear you become when your spaces are tidy.


The powers of the human touch go back centuries. Reiki was discovered by the Japanese monk, Mikao Usui in the 1920’s helping to transfer universal energies through the power of touch. You can make an appointment with a Reiki specialist or you can learn the techniques of Reiki to perform on yourself. Through the hands, energy passes to your body helping to cleanse out negative stalled energy and bring forth flowing healing energy.


Have you ever watched someone walking in their bare feet and cringed from thoughts of sanitation or pain? Well, you just saw them grounding whether they knew what they were doing or not. Grounding helps the body neutralize and balance its positive charge. You simply have your skin come in contact with soil, water, or sand to reach the negative charge the earth gives off. Walking on the beach barefooted is probably the most notable grounding experience. Walking in the grass or swimming are other great ways to ground.  A daily dose of grounding is one of the easiest and most accessible of the 10 ways to detox your energy frequency.

Reduce Exposure to blue light

The most notable blue light we are exposed to is the light coming from our computer screens and our smartphones. There is also a bunch of blue light coming from the LED lights that we are told are more green and efficient.  It is not practical for most people to abstain from using devices, but there are things you can do to minimize the risk to your eyes, body, and energy system.

There are apps you can download to cut the amount of blue light on your screens.  You can also take screen breaks to give yourself a rest from the frequencies from your devices. It has been proven in studies that too much blue light can interfere with the production of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin is a beautiful hormone that helps us sleep well at night.  So, ending screen time a few hours before bed is a great way to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Tech-Free Days

Yes, put that phone down, turn off the computer, and power down the flat screen. Just for a day. Feel what it feels like to not have the brain focused on tech. Tech is not natural. We all love our tech toys, but it is a modern invention that our bodies are not equipped to handle. Since personal device technology is relatively new, we don’t yet know the long-term effects on our physical or energy bodies. No tech days are a great ritual to help reconnect people to their loved ones, give their bodies a rest from foreign frequencies, and is one of the most powerful of the 10 ways to detox your energy frequency.

Stop interacting with energy that does not feel good

We are created to be resilient and to survive at all costs. This is okay sometimes and maybe even necessary, but sometimes we need permission to simply walk away from energy that does not feel right.  The toughest aspect of walking away is that the negative energy may be coming from people you care about.

Walking away from an energy does not always mean walking away from something forever. It means having boundaries and knowing when to limit your exposure to energy you instinctually know is not beneficial. This requires trusting your own instincts and intuition and knowing that if something doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t right for you.


Breathwork is a powerful experience using various types of breathing patterns to move stuck energy.  It allows you to let go of the mind, and open the heart. This is a powerful tool for processing unresolved pain and healing trauma. Most people leave sessions feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected to their heart and soul. Clearing unprocessed low frequency emotions from the body naturally raises and detoxifies your energy frequency.  It is one of the most transformative of the 10 ways to detox your energy frequency.


Feeling a little down in the morning? Turn on your favorite song and dance it out.  Moving your body in celebratory dance is a very high frequency activity that will change your energy state almost immediately.  There are many types of dance and all are beneficial.  Movement is critical to energy flow in the body and when you couple movement with joy and excitement you get a powerful dose of positive vibes.

By picking a few of these to try each day, you will keep your energy high and moving fast meaning manifestation becomes easier.  Try all 10 ways to detox your energy frequency by switching it up, and pick a few each day. Raising Your Vibrational Frequency will create powerful energy shifts that reverberate to all areas of your life.


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