So You Think You’re Intuitive? by Natalie Miles

So You Think You’re Intuitive? | Natalie Miles

I have been thinking a lot about this year and what I would like to claim for myself this year. The intuitive answer that keeps coming is – the ability to receive.

It is easy as a healer and coach to have giving be ever present, and to have a lot of energy flowing out and less flowing in. This year I am really focusing a lot of thought and energy on receiving, and how I can be more balanced in this area.  As I talk about in The Soul Frequency book, we have the ability to create our lives. We do this through the Creation Equation by way of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

So, looking at the way we think and feel in our lives is important. Those are causing us to take certain actions. This year I am challenging myself, and you too, to allow in goodness and receive more of what wants to come into your life.


One of the ways I am bringing this energy into this show is to receive the work of my guests this year as much as possible. That is exactly what we did with this episode and my guest was a total gem to say, “Yes!”.  My guest today shares about her work with helping others connect to their intuition. She also uses her psychic gift to dial into my life and bring forward seeds of wisdom that are universally helpful. We talk about receiving more, the energy of this year, why I need to eat tropical fruit (for real…lol), and we even had the spirit of a young man come forward with a powerful message.


  • How to be your most intuitive self
  • Why intuition is so important
  • Following the spiritual breadcrumbs
  • Why receiving is important
  • How our physical environment can effect our lives
  • And the importance of authority in your life

Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Medium, Natalie Miles, joined me on the podcast today. It is her mission to support your spiritual journey by sharing with you, The Spirit Upgrade. This Upgrade connects you with your Guides – your cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. It guides you, helps you find the answers you seek, and clears any blocks in your way. You will heal the past, and feel a sense of empowerment you once thought was only for others.  Natalie is the host of the “So You Think You’re Intuitive Podcast” and has been featured on Good Morning LA LA Land, at Wanderlust London, and on The Highest Self podcast, Manifest This, Expanded, and the Almost 30 podcast.

The Soul Frequency Show - Natalie Miles

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