The Wisdom Of Our Elders by Matthew Belair

The Wisdom of Our Elders | Matthew Belair

While most of us are trying to become something, my guest for this episode spends his time learning how to just be—but that doesn’t mean he isn’t busy! He is learning from the wisdom of our elders.

Matt Belair is an author, athlete, coach and speaker, as well as a spiritual thought leader and podcast host. He’s traveled all over the world to meet with indigenous spiritual leaders, meditate with monks, explore ancient civilizations, and trek up Mount Everest. Driven by his desire to understand why we’re here as human beings and how we can all help our planet, he’s committed his life to learning everything he can.


Matt believes wholeheartedly in the potential inside every human, and he’s created a podcast about just that. He wants to help others see, believe, and create that inherent potential, and he believes in the wisdom of our elders, some from cultures that have passed down oral tradition for the last 20,000 years—that’s why I invited him onto this episode of The Soul Frequency podcast.

In this episode, Matt and I cover a lot of ground. You won’t want to miss it! Hit that play button for some practical spiritual advice from someone helping others find their own untapped potential through old wisdom.

In This Podcast Episode…

  • Wisdom passed down through lineage and oral tradition
  • The human potential—what are the limits?
  • The three things that stunt your spiritual growth
  • What’s the fastest way to elevate your consciousness?


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Guest Matt Belair


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