Who Are You Being? | Udo Erasmus

A couple of months ago we had the wonderful Udo Erasmus on the show, and that conversation was so profound and so enlightening that I knew I had to get him back on again. So today on The Soul Frequency, Udo and I sat down once more, this time to discuss our relationship with our own self and our being.

We start this episode by reintroducing Udo, and the earliest memories he has of his spiritual journey. Then we discuss the masters we relate to, and how they relate to us, before moving on to why some of us resist our spiritual journeys, and how to overcome normal dips in our spiritual connection. Udo then explains to us how unconditional love is the essence of our being and how connecting to this can bring us eternal happiness. Finally, we discuss the changes our world is going through and the steady shift from monetary success.

Today’s episode is all about rediscovering our connections with ourselves and falling back in love with our lives. If you’re interested in hearing more of what Udo has to say, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:48) Introducing today’s guest, Udo Erasmus.
(04:23) How Udo found his spirituality.
(10:01) The Masters of the Ages.
(24:41) Why we resist our spirituality.
(29:15) Dips in spirituality and how this impacts our relationships.
(35:00) Unconditional love as the essence of our being.
(42:42) The paradigm shift.
(50:00) Money can’t buy happiness.

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