Ways of Discerning the Truth | Dr. Karen Kan

As spiritual people, sometimes when we detect lies beneath the surface, or a lack of truth, or even disconnection, it feels wrong. We may ask ourselves, how do I right this wrong? How do I look at this in a positive way?

Today on The Soul Frequency I sat down with medical doctor, author and spiritual healer, Dr. Karen Kan, to learn more about truth and how to discern it. We discuss what truth means, how to find it, and how to live it.

Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine and the founder of The TOLPAKAN Healing Mission. Karen’s mission is to help highly sensitive souls harness their superpowers, express their soul’s mission and create joy in the process. Karen is the author of Sensitivity is Your Superpower, which details how to clear unwanted energies, extract your soul’s mission and learn Divine Muscle Testing.

In today’s episode we talk about all things truth, sensitivity and healing. We start our conversation by hearing Karen’s story and how she began her journey from medical doctor to spiritual healer, and how she balances them both. We then discuss Karen’s book, and how we can find power in our sensitivities. We then learn of her incredible TOLPAKAN work before deep diving into discerning the truth from the world around us, and ourselves.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Dr. Karen Kan’s work and the value of discerning the truth, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:48) Introducing today’s episode, Ways of Discerning the Truth.
(03:44) Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Karen Kan.
(05:34) Karen’s spiritual journey.
(09:40) Sensitivity is Your Superpower.
(13:21) TOLPAKAN
(22:46) Healing current and past lives.
(27:23) Light Scores.
(35:40) Truth Scores & discerning the truth.
(50:12) Abundance tests.

More resources for your high-vibe life…

— Visit Karen’s website: https://www.karenkan.com/
— Purchase Karen’s book Sensitivity if Your Superpower through her website or on Amazon. Karen currently has over $1000 worth of gifts to giveaway including downloadable training and healings from Karen and other healers so make sure you get yourself a copy!
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