From Victim To Victor | Dr. Meg Haworth

I have been thinking over and over about what to write about this episode. There are some topics that are hard to find the words to describe – either because they are painful and difficult, or they transcend words. This is one of them. However, I feel that it’s important to spread the message that people can move from victim to victor.

The human experience, while great, has some tough moments. Many people, at one point or another, will be the victim of something or at the hands of someone. These experiences are often cloaked in shame or secrecy making them hard to heal from. Part of healing from the toughest things one can experience is having a safe place to go and feeling safe enough to share the truth. There are so many emotions that are triggered when someone is victimized and those emotions need to be expressed in a safe environment where one is guided and supported in the process of healing their heart, mind, body, and spirit.

In this podcast episode…

Dr. Meg talks about the connections between physical disease and the history of victimization.

My incredible guest on this episode is author, transpersonal psychologist, and celebrity chef, Dr. Meg Haworth. She has been featured in the LA Times, NBC Nightly News, The Huffington Post, numerous interviews and symposiums, and hosts a podcast series on iTunes.  She is the author of five books on nutrition and personal development, and has co-authored two more, plus is an Amazon Best Selling Author. As a survivor of drowning, being struck by lightning, and childhood sexual abuse; Dr. Haworth has healed from victimization and the effects it has on the body, mind and spirit. Through her wellness coaching programs, Get Well Now, What Celebrities Eat, and 21 Days to Healthy Eating she has healed over a dozen illnesses including fibromyalgia. She also heals underlying emotional patterns at the cellular level in her ground-breaking process called Whole Person Integration Technique.

Learn how to move from victim to victor and find out more about Dr. Meg Haworth’s work on her website. 

You can check out Dr. Meg’s podcast – Get Well Soon.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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