Vibrational Alchemy | Gina Covel

After spending many years as a nurse, my new friend Gina Covel discovered the benefits of spiritual healing modalities… And felt the tug of her true calling.

Pendulums, dowsing, crystals, oils—oh my! She jumped right in, curious and enthusiastic, and she soaked it all up.

Today, infusing distilled water with essential oils and the vibrational essences of plants and crystals, Gina creates these lovely vibrational elixirs. She shares them through Crystalline Essence, her line of elixirs and sprays—I love them!

I brought Gina on the show today to talk about energy-shifting tools, following the intuition to create them, and distributing these elixirs to others. Listen to this episode to learn Gina’s radiant story!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

—From nursing to vibrational healing practice…
—What is the source of the effect of energy tools?
—How can you open up yourself to intergalactic healing?

More resources for your high-vibe life…

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