Vedic Astrology | Dr. Katy Jane

You know your astrological sun sign…

But do you know your jyotishya star archetype? And what can it teach you about living your best life? It turns out, it can reveal a lot about your karma, your destiny, and your personal myth!

In this episode, Vedic astrologer and Sanskrit scholar Dr. Katy Jane joins me to talk all about this incredible to living as your most authentic self, written in the stars long before you were born. Click play to learn more!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

[00:00:49] Learn about our FREE 4-day workshop Stop Doubting That Voice Inside of You
[00:02:04] Introducing Vedic scholar and astrologer Dr. Katy Jane
[00:03:00] Katy shares how narrowly escaping death shifted her perspective…
[00:07:07] Sanskrit professor turned Vedic astrologist!
[00:08:52] What’s the difference between Vedic and western astrology?
[00:12:08] What can your star archetype teach you?
[00:15:00] What do you doubt the most about yourself? Your core power!
[00:17:37] How is Vedic astrology used in India?
[00:22:55] Katy shares about reading her future husband’s chart…
[00:24:22] How else can your jyotishya star chart help your life?
[00:26:39] Learn more about Dr. Katy Jane’s astrology courses!

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