The Truth About Transformation by Part Iii

The Truth About Transformation | Part III

Feel like you’re fighting with yourself? You just might be on the brink of transformation.

What is already calling to you? What is that destiny you feel? You probably already know, but chances are, if you’re not living it, you’re resisting it!

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This is the third and final part of my series ‘The Truth About Transformation,’ and this episode is all about experience. The truth is that you’ll never be ‘ready’ to embark on your path. You weren’t ready when you were born, but you’ve learned over the years. It’s the same with your destiny—you’ve got to create momentum to reveal more it.

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Destiny isn’t easy. In fact, it’s probably going to be the most challenging thing that you set out to do. But it’s also going to be the most beautiful thing that you create in your lifetime. You’re going to be afraid. You’re going to make mistakes. You’ll learn what you need over time to move through transformation like a champion—I promise.

So, is perfectionism holding you back? This episode is for you.


Ready to learn more? Click the play button to listen to this episode of The Soul Frequency Podcast, where I’ll talk about how I went from afraid to thriving and living out my destiny—and how you can, too.

In This Podcast Episode…

  • Where do you find destiny?
  • Acting on faith and intuition without being sure of the outcome
  • Creating without sharing? You’re not putting yourself out there enough!
  • Resisting what you already know
  • Overcoming the fear of starting out


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The Truth About Transformation Part 2


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