The Truth About Transformation by Part Ii

The Truth About Transformation | Part II

After a bit of a vulnerability hangover, I’m here to share more of my personal transformation story with you.

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The birth of our son caused an identity shift in both my husband and me, redefining who we were as a couple and how we wanted to move forward in the world.

And what a transformation!

Transformation is necessary to a shift in your consciousness, and when you are in the midst of it, you’re being asked to step up. And to do this, to get to the next level, to see more love and light and beauty in your life, you have to release some things, and let’s be honest—it can be pretty uncomfortable.

But this is the beginning of defining who you are in truth and building a life of true freedom…

…and you’ve got to come to the edge.


The second episode in a series of three focuses on releasing (but you’ll hear a little bit about the other steps to transformation sprinkled in as well).

Are you going to let the truth or your ego lead you? Choose love, face your fears, and take action. Listen to this episode of The Soul Frequency podcast to dive right in!


In This Podcast Episode…

  • Being on the edge of the cliff of authenticity
  • The new frequency adjustment period
  • Accessing consciousness to create life experiences
  • Protecting your energy and staying connected to yourself
  • Why sacrificing yourself for money ultimately doesn’t work


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The Truth About Transformation Part 2

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